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Task 4 Detailed Outline

Research Question (Detailed Outline): How has social media transformed the world
of marketing?
Fotimakhon Khamidova
Departament of Business Administration, University of Webster
ESLG 4250 2T: Research Writing & Library Skills
Tatyana Pilatskaya
April 24, 2023
Research Question (Detailed Outline): How has social media transformed the world
of marketing?
Thesis Statement: Social Media, marketing, business, celebrities, applications.
a. A description of marketing.
b. Modifications in the dynamics of marketing brought on by structural and environmental
c. The emergence of social media as a cutting-edge tool for marketing.
Marketing's function.
a. The three levels of strategy, tactics, and operations (a).
1. Simplifying the day-to-day operations of the marketing division.
b. The importance of marketing in attaining long-term success (Sakshi, 2017).
1. Tactical and operational levels, product management, marketing, and sales all play
important roles.
c. The importance of creating a strategy to keep customers from falling behind (Wikström
& Ellonen, 2012).
1. Email is one of the most often used methods for companies to communicate with their
Social Media Features' Advantages.
a. A user interface that is simple and friendly (SI, 2015).
1. Social media helps firms share internal material online.
b. Access to file-sharing and social networking websites.
c. The value of the discovered traits in terms of commerce.
Platforms for social media as a tool for market research facilitation.
a. A well-thought-out strategy for doing audience research.
1. An effective advertising strategy, first do market research.
b. Market analysis communication strategies that are ongoing.
c. Being aware of the potential benefits of social media and other marketing tasks.
The Development of Sector Influencers.
a. Marketing influencers' effects (Nguyen et al., 2015)
1. Business promote its products and advertisements.
b. Social media partnerships between important individuals and companies.
c. Contracts in place to guarantee continued commercial use of the celebrity's social media
1. Advertising brand for a single product.
2. Encourage the development of fresh concepts and new goods.