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Ashley Macphee
July 19, 2022
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Definition of ADHD:
is considered a chronic and debilitating disorder and is
known to impact the individual in many aspects of their
life. Symptoms of ADHD include inattention , hyperactivity
and impulsivity (APA, 2022).
Behavioral and
physical characteristics
Many children may
have difficulties sitting
still, waiting their turn,
paying attention,
being fidgety, and
acting impulsively
(APA, 2022).
- genetics contribute to ADHD and several genes have
been linked to the disorder.
-There is evidence of anatomical differences in the
brains of children with ADHD in comparison to other
children without the condition. For instance, children
with ADHD have reduced grey and white brain matter
volume and demonstrate different brain region
activation during certain tasks.
-Several non-genetic factors have also been linked to
the disorder such as low birth weight, premature
birth, exposure to toxins (alcohol, smoking, lead, etc.)
during pregnancy, and extreme stress during
pregnancy (APA, 2022).
Signs for an Educator to be aware of
A diagnosis is based on the presence of persistent symptoms that have
occurred over a period of time and are noticeable over the past six
months. The symptoms must be present before the individual is 12 years
old and must have caused difficulties in more than one setting. For
instance, the symptoms can not only occur at home. (APA, 2022).
Inattentive Symptoms of ADHD:
Makes careless mistakes in schoolwork, overlooks details
Is easily distracted or sidetracked. Has difficulty following instructions
Doesn’t seem to be listening when spoken to directly
Has trouble organizing tasks and possessions
Often fails to finish work in school or chores in the classroom
Often avoids or resists tasks that require sustained mental effort, including doing
homework (APA, 2022).
Hyperactive or Impulsive Symptoms of ADHD:
Often fidgets or squirms. Has trouble staying in his seat
Runs and climbs where it’s inappropriate. Has trouble playing quietly
Is extremely impatient, can’t wait for his turn. Talks excessively
Always seems to be “on the go” or “driven by a motor”
Blurts out answers before a question is completed
Interrupts or intrudes on others’ conversations, activities, possessions (APA, 2022).
The impact the ADHD could have on the child’s overall
They may develop poor self-esteem, they’ll
continue to have trouble interacting with
others. Also they will have conduct disorders,
learning disabilities, anxiety, autism, and mood
disorders. Treatment can help avoid some of
these issues, especially when it’s started early
(Raspolich, 2022).
The barriers of learning and
socio-emotional interactions.
ADHD have difficulty concentrating
can start to fall behind other students
in their schooling. Completing tasks
on time can become very difficult. It
can start to cause grades to fall, and
children with ADHD may get into
more and more trouble for causing
class disturbances. As a child begins
to isolate themselves from their
peers, it may cause them to be more
antisocial, aggressive, or depressed
(Raspolich, 2022).
Children with ADHD can have difficulty
making friends. they can be impulsive
and hyperactive. It is hard for them to
maintain friendships. they are often
emotionally immature. If ADHD has
emotional outbursts or have aggressive
tendencies, have trouble getting along
with their peers. Children with ADHD
do tend to do better in small,
structured environments. Emotional
maturity process can be slower in
people with ADHD. Also suffer from low
self-esteem (Bailey, 2007).
CHADD offers a Teacher Training Program crafted by teachers to provide other
teachers with the strategies and tips to help their students with ADHD succeed. In
addition, CHADD's National Resource Center on ADHD has produced a video series
of Tips for Teachers (CHADD, 2022).
They offer on the Educators
Teacher Training &
Webinars for Early
Video Series,
Teacher to
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