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1. Othello 1995 Act 1 Film Analysis Questions

Act 1 0-24:14
Act 1 Film Questions
1. The play and film open at night
time. How does this build dramatic
2. Unlike the play, the film opens
showing the audience the council
discussing the up-and-coming war
and the wedding of Othello and
Desdemona. Why do you think the
director changed this?
Consider- How this heightens the
audience’s anticipation of Othello’s
first appearance.
3. What do you learn about
Roderigo in the opening? How does
the actor portray him?
ConsiderHow the power dynamics between
him and Iago are shown
4. Iago stays well hidden when
talking to Brabantio. Why do you
think this is?
5. How does Iago manipulate
Brabantio? Consider the effects of
the following techniques.
● Waking him from his sleep
● Humiliation ● Exploiting his racism
How does Brabantio come across in
the opening?
6. How do the characters talk about
Desdemona? Use your contextual
knowledge of women to support
7. One of the significant themes of
jealousy is introduced in Act 1 more
than once. Which characters
demonstrate this?
8. How does Othello defend himself
and avoid getting into trouble?
What impression do you get of
Othello in the opening of the play?
How would you describe him?
9. Iago gives a long speech directly
to the camera at the end of Act 1.
The director adds the game of
chess in there. What do you think
adds to the scene? What does it
symbolise in the play?