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13 lives Worksheet

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Thirteen Lives Questions (moviesheets.com)
1) What is the relationship between the main characters?
2) Why and where do the parents go to look for the team?
3) Do the SEALs make it to the team? Why/Why not?
4) Who sent the water engineer? What is his plan to help the Wild Boars?
5) Why do the divers head back out? Why do the split up?
6) Day 8 shows the Governor meeting The Water Guy. He explains what he is doing and the impact of it.
What do the local people decide to do?
7) Why do the Wild Boars say they have survived for 10 days? What does the coach say?
8) When the team starts worrying about when the divers will come back. What does the coach have
them do?
9) Why is Chai’s mother worried about her son being helped?
10) Why does Sam lose air? What does he do to fix the problem?
11) What steps do they take to ensure the boys aren’t hurt on the way through the tunnels?
12) What complication rises with the final day of rescues?
13) What happens after the last boy is through?
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