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Honors Conference Poster 2nd Semester - Carson Flynn

The Importance of Mental and Physical Health
Carson Flynn, Michael Vicaro CAS 100A
What is Mental and Physical Health
Mental Health: The ability to
form and maintain
affectionate relationships
with others, to perform in the
social roles usually played in
their culture and to manage
change, and communicate
positive actions and thoughts
as well as to manage
emotions such as sadness
Physical Health: Physical
health of an individual can
be placed on a spectrum
starting from a minimum
defined by the inability to
work and/or care for
personal needs to an
optimal state defined by no
physical struggles and high
The Importance: The average college student struggles with
mental health, physical health, or both to some degree. This is for
3 primary reasons – stress, dehydration/malnourishment, and a
lack of energy
Poor Mental Health: Stress is a direct result of poor mental health
as well as loneliness, depression, and anxiety. A lack of mental
health will also begin to affect your physical health negatively.
Poor Physical Health: This can lead to other physical problems for
example: heart problems, diabetes, obesity, and an increased risk
to other physical problems.
Penn State Greater Allegheny
Status Quo
1. College Students Experiencing Time Management for the
First Time – Often Tired and Stressed
2. Only 1 Dining Hall with Limited Hours Especially on
3. College Students Struggling to be Independent and
Entirely Responsible
4 – Step Plan Better Student Mental and
Physical Health
1. Require High Schools to Offer a Time Management Class,
so Students are Prepared for College
2. Open a 2nd Dining Hall on Campus Available at Earlier
and Later Hours
3. Encourage Others to Support Each Other, College Does
Not Have to be Entirely Independent
4. Call People Out Who are Struggling in Classes and in
Health to Improve Where They Can.
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