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RA 9292, or Republic Act No. 9292, Anti-Violence Against Women and their Children Act of 2004,
is a law covering wide range of areas in relation to violence experienced by women and their, as performed
by their partner. By using this act, I can support or help people by first disseminating the information
about this law to other women who are currently in a relationship or married. By simply disseminating
the right information, we can all together protect ourselves from such abuse and if ever such abuse
happens, we would know what proper measures to take in terms of protecting our rights. Under this
republic act, the first important thing to take note is what area does it cover. Of course, when women is
currently in a relationship and such abuse happened, she is covered under this act. Additionally her
child/children was abused by her partner, whether they are legitimate/illegitimate child, they are also
covered by this provision. However, if the perpetuator is not her partner (e.g., a schoolteacher), other law
is otherwise applicable for this. Another area that women should be mindful is it coverage in terms of
economic abuse, or her partner’s act of forcing her not to take a profession, withholding economic
resources such as finances, and the likes. I believe that this two things are the most important to be
remembered in terms of this law. In terms of spreading awareness, simply talking to some other women
through simple conversation, using different social media platforms, and joining local, national, or even
international seminars would suffice. This simple act would make a big difference if us, women, know such
law is currently existing to protect us and their child. For instance, by just posting a simple poster
containing awareness of marital abuse and the information about this republic act through the use of
parsimonious dialogue would be easily comprehended by women especially in those areas that this post
might reach.
One concrete example where this republic act is applicable is when a child, currently 9 years of
age is being abused by his stepfather. Even though that he is not his real father, the child can be protected
under this law and the stepfather can be reported by the mother, neighbors, and even police officers who
have verified that such abuse really happened.