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Essay 2

Lovely Rose Ann A. Perina
Answer the given question briefly. (10 points)
1. Why do translators have to consider Linguistics as part of translation?
It is defined that linguistic is the systematic study of structure and evolution of
our language. Therefore, the translators should consider the branches of Linguistics
as part of translation as it plays a vital role in understanding the meaning of the context
or message they want to imply. It will be more accurate translation of their works
2. Why is it important for translators to study or to be familiar with the
theoretical bases of translation?
Theoretical bases of translation will serve as their foundation. As mentioned
in the previous discussion one must have an extensive knowledge in translating
the work into another target language. This will help to them to examine critically
the text without neglecting the message, audience, context and society. Although,
there are some translators will translate in order to make the target language more
readable for the audience, and some others will translate in a way that privileges
the source text over the target language. In this sense, knowing deeply the
theoretical basis can be a way of increasing the quality of the translations.
3. Which approach do you believe the most?
Communicative approach. Translation is the communication of the
meaning of a source-language text by means of an equivalent target-language
text. Here, it is more emphasizing that meaning should be translated, not the
language use. As we have diverse social context the message we want to imply
may different depending on how you will deliver it. They use non-verbal cues to
express their message especially if the receiver and the speaker have different