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about me

My name is Zorana Golusin, and I am from Serbia; I will be a PE teacher for the upcoming school
year! First, I would like to provide some background information about myself. I have been a teacher
for 19 years. Prior to coming here, I taught PE in Serbia and United Arab Emirates. I earned my
Bachelor's and master's degrees in PE and am also a certified swimming instructor. I entered the
Physical Education field because I am passionate about a healthy lifestyle and sports (I was also a
professional basketball player for 12 years). In the past couple of years, I've been deeply engaged in
Yoga lessons, and I would love to extend my love of connection between mind and body to all my
I teach according to the philosophy that "not all children are ready to learn the same thing at the
same time in the same way." So, I'll borrow a line from the teacher Taylor Mali who, in answer to the
question "what do you make?" responded, "I make a difference. What do you make?"