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Course assessments

How you are evalutated through the course.
Assessment 1
Course engagement:
Each week, students should spend at least 3 hours
working on tasks as well as projects.
For each topic discussion, write at least 1 post and 2
constructive comments to your friends' work.
Achieve the score of the self-assessment quizzes at
least 50%.
Join in the workshop and provide feedback for at
least 4 classmates writing.
Complete all the activities and read the resources
during the course.
Note: Although your scores are based on your success in
exams, failing to complete any above requirement would
result in a zero for this assessment.
Assessment 2
Course engagement:
Project: Group projects will take account of 10%
score of the whole course. Score for projects is
the average of 5 group projects in 5 units.
Writing assignment: This accounts for 10%
scores of the course. Writing score is the average
of 5 writing assignments in 5 units.
Assessment 2
Course engagement:
Students take the mid-course exam ( 30%)
and the final exam (40%).
The mid course exam will take place after we
finish unit 8. The content include what we
have learned in unit 6,7 and 8.
The final exam will happen after we finish unit
10. The content include the knowledge of
whole course.