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Zombie Apocalypse (2)

Zombie Apocalypse - Loss of Limb
Challenge: One group member must be able to walk unassisted for 20 feet to demonstrate
how well your prosthesis functions.
1. Check the available materials and use the squares below to brainstorm ideas for a functional
lower-leg prosthetic design. Afterward, share your ideas with your team.
2. As a team, choose one design that your group will attempt to construct. Combine ideas when
possible, and sketch your final design on the back of this paper. Be sure that your design can
hold weight!
3. Did your prosthesis work? What are the pros and cons of your design?
4. What modifications would you make to your design if you had more time?
Zombie Apocalypse - Loss of Limb
Final Design Chosen:
Materials Needed:
5. What did your team really like about this idea?