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BC-30s Maintenance

Daily maintenance
If it works day and night or the sample volume is more than 100 per
day, execute “probe cleanser cleaning” operation once every day.
If the quantity of samples more than 50pcs, set the “Auto clean time”
less than 4 hours.
If the user turns off the instrument every day, the user should execute
“probe cleanser cleaning” operation once every three days. Or do it
when the machine remind you (when whole blood150, prediluted 300
Use E-Z cleanser to execute shutdown program.
Dispose the waste liquid
Monthly maintenance
• Use probe cleanser to clean the sample probe wipe block.
• Use sample probe localizer to correct the position of the
sample probe.
• Use E-Z cleanser or probe cleanser to clean the baths.
• Calibrate the unit.
Correct the sample probe
1. Take off the right and front door of the equipment.
2. Input password, then access the “System Test” menu in “service”
3. Select the “Rotatory motor” press [↑][↓] to drive the motor
4. Move up the sample probe to the end
5. Loose the screw fixed the probe
6. Using localizer to correct the probe and then tighten the screw
Half-year maintenance
• Replace vacuum filters, if necessary, should replace the
pressure filters.
• Test all valves’ work status.
• Clean the valves, especially the V11 and V12(BC3000),
• Disassemble and clean the two baths and apertures.
• Check the stability of HGB blank voltage.
• Check the stability of vacuum.
• Clean inside of the equipment.