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Page 15 – Exercise 8 (Writing)
Your English teacher,
Dália Baptista
Hi Jusuf! I’m Armando and I’m 13 years old. I come from a small family.
What an incredible blog post! I liked reading about your family. I’m from Portugal. In my
family there are three people. I don’t have any siblings. My father is 51 years old, and
he works as a mechanic. My mother is 44 years old, and she is a factory worker and the
factory where she works is a place where tiles are build built. I look like my mother. We
both have got brown eyes and dark hair. I’m very different from my parents. They are
patients patient and sociable. But I don’t like to wait waiting for anything, and I am
antisocial. I like watch watching series and news and read reading. Sometimes we go
away for the weekend. I like having a nuclear family because we know each other very
That’s all I wanted to say. Look I’m looking forward to exploring your next post!
Name: Armando Santos
Class: B
Nº: 2
You should pay attention to:
Verbs + -ing/to-infinitive/infinitive without to: revise all your notes taken during our lessons
and exercises and go again through the information on your Textbook, page 8
Unlike in the Portuguese language, adjectives in English do not change (agree) with the noun
that they modify: “my mother is patient” and “my parents are patient”; “antisocial
behaviour” and “antisocial habits”, etc.
Your English teacher,
Dália Baptista