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understanding appeals

Activity 1
1. The author wants the reader to adopt rather than buy from a breeder.
Evidence: “Don’t think of the animal shelter as a thrift store for dogs, think of it as a
meeting place where quality dogs are waiting to find quality owners so dog and human
can both live happily together.
2. People who love dogs
Evidence: “Dear fellow dog lover,”
3. That they love dogs
Evidence: “Dear fellow dog lover…”
4. Used evidence from ASPCA
Evidence: “according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals”
5. A dog is the most loving animal
Evidence: There is nothing in this world that will ever love you more unconditionally
than a dog.”
6. There is no is the shelters
Evidence: “Sleep” is such a gentle word, but in this case it’s a sleep that the unfortunate
dog is never going to wake up from.”
Activity 2
1. The author of the ad wants people to believe in what they say, and they want to have
some sort of credibility. The author makes this known by inserting a piece of
information from a credible source. He writes, “In fact, according to the American
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), somewhere between 10 and
20 percent of dogs in this country are adopted from shelters and rescue agencies or
2. By this piece of evidence into the advertisement, the audience finds it more believable
and is somehow persuaded to consider adopting a dog instead of buying one.
Activity 3
1. Death is one of the worst things that can happen to any living thing and including this
makes the reader realize they can make a change.
2. “Loving eyes, a wet nose, and a tail that moves like a dune buggy antenna, any dog can
give you love, but there’s something about a RESCUE dog that’s very different”
Emotional (compassion) As the audience reads this, they get a feel of consideration and
a motive to go and get one.
3. Just like an adult, it doesn’t have to be potty trained as like a baby. They already know
what to do.
4. “around 3 to 4 million dogs a year that are adopted or rescued.”
Logical (shows estimate of how many dogs are adopted or rescued) Every few seconds
another dog is saved or rescued.
5. A source of credibility from the business promoting the ad.
6. Yes because it has multiple persuasive tactics.
7. Pathos
8. To show the feelings of the dog and the person. It persuades them to adopt the dog.