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International Marketing Assignment no 01

Name: Shehryar Abid
ID: 18013005-043
Program: BBA (H)
Batch: 13
Submitted To: Dr. Khalid
Aesthetic Sense In Advertisement And Which Aesthetic Sense They Have?
Aesthetic sense:
Aesthetics is a core design principle that defines a design’s pleasing qualities. In visual
terms, aesthetics includes factors such as balance, color, movement, pattern, scale, shape and
visual weight. Designers use aesthetics to complement their designs’ usability, and so enhance
functionality with attractive layouts. Aesthetics is a branch of philosophy dealing with the
nature of art, beauty and taste, with the creation and appreciation of beauty. It is more
scientifically defined as the study of sensory or sensory-emotional values, sometimes called
judgements of sentiment and taste
Aesthetics should be relevant to the core concept and it can be a picture, animation or
any color. It is imp to prioritize the content and features of advertisement.
Music is a peripheral cue, capable of impacting attitude toward the advertisement and
therefore the brand under different levels of involvement—both central and peripheral route
processing, depending on the situation the consumer is in. More, visual components are
processed faster and generate feelings. Musical structure in advertising influences emotional
responses and behavioral intentions towards products.
Sound is very important in television commercials. Sound makes a television
programme lively; without sound, it becomes difficult to actually follow a television
programme. Thus, sound adds to the beauty of a television advertisement. There is the need to
make use of good and attractive sound.
Colour is the sensation that is created in the eyes. Television advertising should contain
colour that is attractive. The colour combination in the advertisement should be harmonious.
The use of colour is very important in any production. Colour is the visual perceptual property
corresponding in humans to the categories called red, blue, yellow, green and others. Because
perception of colour stems from the varying spectral sensitivity of different types of cone cells
in the retina to different parts of the spectrum, colours may be defined and quantified by the
degree to which they stimulate these cells.
The characters used should be attractive enough. The characters should be able depict
exactly what the advertisement is saying. What this signifies is that the consumers who see the
advertisement will assume that as soon as they use the product, they will look like those
characters used to advertise the product. Aesthetic value, like everything else, does not hold
beauty or truth in objects, but rather, in definitions. This means that the characters must be seen
to be beautiful. The beauty of the thing is the recognition of a truth that is both universal and
Dance in television advertising is a way of influencing people to purchase the product.
The dance has to be well done, to capture consumers’ attention. Advertising is the
communication method by which we mediate reality and meaning through life themes and life
projects. Dance and its influence on consumers and their behaviors would be situated in the
symbolic, experiential and embodied aspects of the consumption cycle informing the
consumer‘s identity. What we will evaluate are the emotional, affective, aesthetic and hedonic
dimensions of dance relative to television advertising in a consumer culture theory frame.
Dance in television advertising is a visual, regardless of how the dance is being executed in the
Examples of advertisement with aesthetic sense:
The major source of promotion for Adidas is marketing through television. Another major
promotion method of Adidas is product placement. Product placement means where references
to brands are made by featuring them in other work like movies and television programs.
This is the first time that the sporting goods manufacturer has created a campaign that merges
its three sub-brands: 'Sport Performance', 'Originals' and 'Sport Style'. By fusing the worlds of
sport, music and fashion, it gives the most diverse glimpse
into the brand to this date.
Adidas uses a proper mix of Online and Offline channels
for its promotion. Offline Channels: Adidas uses
Television ads, Events sponsorships, OOH promotion to its
best to reach out to customers. The brand also has tie-ups
with leading sports personalities to promote their products.
This ad shows aesthetic sense of religion.
During Ramadan season, the Coca-Cola
Norway decided to incorporate the Islamic
crescent to commemorate the holiday. The
company typically creates seasonal campaigns
for Christmas. However, for 2019, they decided
to be even more inclusive of their global
The detail that made it season appropriate was
the crescent new moon shape which is often associated with the religion. This is a season of
more intensive worship for the religion. It was used to boost sales and attract more religious
customers. Moreover, it also fits with the cultural aesthetics.
The Share a Coke campaign began in Australia
in 2011, when Coca-Cola personalized each
bottle with the 150 most popular names in the
country. Since then, the U.S. has followed suit,
printing first names across the front of its bottles
and cans in Coke's branded font. You can even
order custom bottles on Coke's website to request
things like nicknames and college logos.
Olpers Ad:
This advertisement depicts many aesthetic senses
but mainly it shows nature. Olpers as we know is
a milk company which distinguishes itself from
other milks as a safe, reliable and tested milk
which is healthy for human body. The company
grabs the attention of people by showing healthy
environment and increase its value and number of
In the start of this ad, we can see nature which
presents healthiness and purity. The animal (cow)
is also kept in a well-maintained farmhouse and is
shown happy because she is in its natural habitat
i.e., nature. Focus is on pure feed and as we can
see the cow is fed with natural food only which
emphasis deeply on the core message of the
advertisement that is the aesthetic sense of nature.
The background music also adds value in the overall aesthetic sense of the advertisement which
focus on a happy life with the use of Olpers milk.
When we talk about culture this ad is suitable for specific regions like Pakistan, it is not suitable
in India because their core value is different from Pakistan. They worship animals so it will be
disastrous to have such kind of advertisement in India.
Faiza beauty cream:
This ad of Faiza beauty cream shows a girl is first
shown having a very dark complexion. The model is
depressed because of her complexion and then she
enters a room and comes out having a fair and clear skin
just by using the cream for the first time. This ad just
uses aesthetics like a fair coloured model, lightning and
other effects to make the product appealing to the
consumers. This ad was quite successful in its early
years in Pakistan as people are have more dark
complexions here. Many women used to purchase this
cream in the hopes of that their skin colour would
change and that it would have a magical impact and they
would become as white as snow.
Faiza Beauty Cream to remove
pimples, freckles and blackness of the
face. Faiza Beauty Cream is used for
spotless, beautiful and white colour
face. Within few days of usage, you
will feel the difference.
Faiza beauty cream is a well-known
beauty product in the cosmetics
world. It’s used for remove pimples
spots freckles dark circle and refines
your skin. It’s a skin whitening cream have no side effects. Men and women both can use it for
fair and younger looking skin.