Where do you find beauty?
Present the beauty of an object to the class. This should be an aesthetic critique, which means
that you need to develop a list of at least 5 objective criteria used to measure the aesthetics of
your object. Please type out the criteria and how you scored/judged your object according to
each criterion.
Ideas for objects: a song, picture, a painting, a sculpture, architecture, landscaping,
film/theatre/acting, food, etc.
Your presentation shouldn’t be more than 3 minutes long and should include an audio/visual
Make sure you see me for approval of your object
This is the criteria I used to Judge Picasso’s The Old Guitarist. Feel free to borrow some of the
The work displays great technical ability
The work is enjoyable
The work conveys the feelings of the artist
The work conveys an important moral or helps us to live better lives
The formal features of the work are harmonious and/or beautiful
The work reveals an insight into reality