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10222021001 Andrey Borisov & Matthew Dever

1. Client Info & Call Platform
- Client info :
Name : Matthew Dever (male) (CDT)
Company: Scrimmage (https://www.scrimmage.co/)
Role: Co-Founder at Scrimmage
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/matthew-dever-373015107/
- Call Info:
- Call Time : 2:00PM EDT, 22th Oct (Today)
- Contact Info:
2. About Me
- My Info :
Name : Andrey Borisov
Address : Cheboksary, Russia
Education: Chuvash State University
Bachelor of Applied Science, Computer science
Email : aborisovdev@gmail.com
My proposed hourly rate: $40/h
==== My Background ====
I am full stack developer with over 8 years of experience in Python and
JavaScript. I am able to create any kind of web and mobile apps for you.
My programming skills
- Python
- JavaScript
My expertise:
- Backend : Django, Flask, Nest
- Frontend : React, Vue
- Mobile : React Native
- CSS : Tailwind CSS, Bootstrap, Material UI
- Cloud : AWS, Docker
- DB : PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB
- Neo4j, GraphQL
==== My Employment History ====
Senior Full-Stack Developer
May 2018 - May 2021
Achievements and Responsibilities:
- Contributed to the development of a fintech project and provided performance
troubleshooting and optimizations.
- Developed primarily back-end (microservices, REST API integrations, etc.) features
but contributed to the full stack.
- Implemented solutions and delivered high-quality software based on
- Applied software standards of clean code and proven optimization techniques.
- Created, maintained, and debugged software.
- Planned and defined requirements, creating software designs and translating
them into code.
Skills : Django, React, Vue, Microservices, Docker
2. AlgoMost
Sr. Python Developer
Apr 2015 - Apr 2018
Achievements and Responsibilities:
- Designed and implemented features for a precision medicine platform facilitating
the use of genetic testing in routine healthcare.
- Led the migration of 100,000 line codebase from Backbone.js to React.
- Architected components, patterns, and best practices for our team of nine
- Helped lead the design of the implementation of our clinical trials matching
product in Python and JavaScript.
- Developed a real-time language parser by constructing and validating an AST for
validation and navigation of large data schemas.
- Built various internal tools used to help scale the engineering team.
Skills: Django, Python, React, Backbone.js, PostgreSQL
3. Uplub
Full stack developer
Jan 2012 - Feb 2015
Achievements and Responsibilities:
- Architected and developed the back-end system that introduces all customers to
real estate agents. This drastically reduced the amount of time needed to work with
each customer and more than tripled our sales capacity.
- Wrote extensive automated tests to protect against future bugs.
- Owned the engineering roadmap and worked with product stakeholders to plan
the work that the team would do.
Skills: Python, Django, PostgreSQL
==== My Portfolio ====
1. B/L Processing System - Django, AWS
I developed a leading international logistics service provider. The system will gather the
required details from the different Freight Forwarding websites based on OP HB/L, H/BL or
container number provided by the user and enter the desired information to the centralized
ERP system.
I used Django, React, AWS SQS, EC2, Puppeteer, and PostgreSQL.
Technologies: SQL, TypeScript, React, Django, Python
3. Job Title & Description
==== Title ====
“Flask developer needed for sports betting startup“
==== Description ====
Scrimmage is a pre-launch startup in the sports betting industry. The company was founded by
former professional sports bettors and Scrimmage was created to share the tools that they use to
make betting decisions with the rest of the world. Development for the mobile app and website are
about 80% completed and an experienced backend flask developer is needed to get the project to a
release point. After launch, development of version 2 will commence, adding a news element to the
app and website, expanding the base of potential users.
==== My Application ====
My name is Andrey and I am a Sr Full-stack software engineer who has more than 8 years of
experience in Python and Javascript frameworks.
Especially I have a lot of commercial experience with Flask as a backend developer. I am familiar
with CI/CD, Pytest, black, pylint, and so on.
Regarding the Database, I am familiar with PostgrSQL, MySQL and so on. Also have experience
with Redis.
Please let me know if you have any questions for me.
Andrey less
What frameworks have you worked with?
I have been working with Python frameworks like Flask and Django.
4. Reference Article for this project
Similar Project
Here is my recent experience with Flask.
When I was working at EverCharge(https://evercharge.net/), I Developed a web portal from
scratch using Flask and Redis. I introduced database schema migration using alembic and
Flask-Migrate. Also configured deployments on AWS Elastic Beanstalk using Docker.
I helped them to save time-sensitive data into a Redis database and provided database clients
to retrieve data through a simple interface.
Please let me know if you have any more questions.
5. Questions and Answers