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organic plant capsule

Zhejiang Xinchang Kangping Capsule Co., Ltd
Zhejiang Xinchang Kangping Capsule Co., Ltd. is famous China empty
gelatin capsule manufacturers and delayed release capsules suppliers,
with a construction area of 8,000 square meters and a registered capital
of 10 million yuan. Now it has 10 segmented automatic production lines,
complete testing equipment, the overall layout of the plant, equipment
selection and installation are in line with "GMP" standards, production
workshops It adopts fully enclosed central air conditioner, with a
purification level of 100,000; the annual production of 6 billion gelatin
hollow capsules and 1 billion enteric-coated gelatin hollow capsules, and
can produce axial single, double-color and annular single and
double-color printing according to customer needs capsule wholesale
delayed release hollow capsules.
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Add:No. 49, Yulin Road, Yulin Street, Xinchang District, Shaoxing City,
Zhejiang Province