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Rochat Lesson Plans 9.30.22 (1)

9.30.22 Rochat 1st Grade
Thank you for subbing for my class today.
7:52 A.M: Pick up the students from the playground and Rochat line.
Students should hang up their backpack in their locker. They should take out their “Take home folder”
from their backpack and bring it into the classroom. It can go in their book box at their table seat.
As they enter the classroom, have them make their lunch choice.
A Lunch: Macaroni and Cheese
B Lunch: Peanut Butter and jelly
After students make their lunch choice, have them grab breakfast. You can put the breakfast bins on the
kidney bean table. Napkins and spoons are on the table for you. If you need silverware they are in a box
under the table where the lunch sticks are located. If you need more napkins, go the lunchroom and ask
the lunch ladies for a stash to keep in the room. Take the green lunch cards out of the blue buckets and
hand back to kids at lunch time before they go to lunch.
Students can eat breakfast till about 8:20 a.m. Obviously, give your best look and see if students need
more time and add 5 minutes if you need to. Have students throw away their breakfast, use the
bathroom, fill water bottle and then stand on the gold line in the hallway until everyones ready. After,
have the front of the line lead the class to the carpet spot.
On the breakfast count paper, please check which students DID NOT eat breakfast. Then check the lunch
sticks to know how many students picked A, B, and C (home lunch)
Call/Email shelli with which students are gone from school. I usually can tell which students are gone by
which popsicle sticks are still on the table. Double check if any students forgot to make a lunch choice.
This happens until they are good at the routine. 😊
8:10-8:20 Calendar/Schedule/Morning Meeting
Read the morning message on the smartboard to the class. Read a sentence and have the class repeat it
back to you. After the MM, go over the schedule of the day. Students can be working on their rise and
shine binders while you go over calendar and schedule. After that, invite students to participate in the
calendar from their table spots while they are finishing breakfast. Go over the date “today is _______”
Then ask students to sing the days of the week. They know the song and it goes to the theme of “adams
family”. After days of the week, I talk about the hundreds chart with how many days we have been in
school. I add a stick (straw) from the rainbow cart to make it 24 days and put it in the ones place then
write the number.
This should be it for calendar.
Reading Groups
Brain Break/Bathroom Break
Math-whole group
Math Stations
P.E 12:55-1:25
Play Centers with Mrs. G
Clean Up
8:20-8:30 Dump Breakfast, fill water bottles and use bathroom.
-Students dump their breakfast out in the hallway garbage cans, they use the bathroom if they
need it, fill their water bottles and then stand in the line outside the classroom. Students should
count to 10 when filling their water bottles to prevent spillage. They are working on this still :)
8:30-8:50 Reading: Read the story “The Fox and The Robin” in the big book on the shelf by the
rocking chair. Lesson plan is open on the kidney bean table.
1. Tell the students they will be visualizing today. “Visualizing means to create a movie in
your head.
2. Read the story
3. Have students visualize while you are reading. Ask them what they visualized in their
heads when you read about the eggs.
4. At the end, have the students practice retelling what happened in the story to their
partners. I call them peanut butter and jelly partners. The peanut butters can share first.
5. Have a whole group discussion about the story
8:50-9 Brain Break----Do a gonoodle or find a “brain break” on youtube for kids. They like Just
Dance videos.
9-9:20 My Reading and Writing Book. The students have books in their red reading folder in
their book box.
-Use the frog book to explain to students they will be retelling the life cycle of a frog with
pictures and words. Have the students use the sentences You can use mine to model expected
writing ideas and what they can write in their booklets. You may want to write it on the
smartboard. If not, you could always write it on their whiteboards located in their seat sack. Go
around and help struggling students. Monica the para should be in around this time to help
June and Miguel (sped students)
9:20-10:20 Small Group Rotations
-Use the smartboard SmartNotebook attachment to display the students rotations! They
can do these independently. Set the timer for 10 minutes for each station. This gives
time for transitions in between rotations.
There will be 5 rotations.
o Read to self---students read their books by themselves
o EPIC-Students will listen to stories on their ipads
o Work on writing—write in their notebooks about the life cycle of a frog
o Worksheet—students will rainbow write. Use my example to explain before
starting reading rotations
o Seesaw—they have used this before and I’ve explained the activities. You may
need to go around and help them.
o If they finish anything early, they can work on their maroon folder or go on a
reading app on their ipad.
10:25-10:30 Clean up and Line Up for Lunch
linne students up in this order---> C, B lunches, A lunches, C lunches at the end only if
they need a milk. If not, C lunches can begin to eat at their spot. When you get to the lunch
room someone will give you an A or B lunch stick. Give the B lunch post it to the first B, and the
A lunch post it to the first A.
10:30-11 Your off duty lunch. Lounge is upstairs above the nurses office.
11:00-11:10 Brain break: gonoodle or youtube brain breaks for kids
11:10-11:45 Math Lesson 12 “Find the missing Parts of 10”
-Have students take out their whiteboard and marker at their carpet spot. Go through the
MyMath Lesson Plan.
-Log In to MyMath curriculum online https://my.mheducation.com/login
Navigate to: my.mheducation.com
Username; mnmymath
Password: mnmymath2018
-Students can go back to their table spot when you are ready to go through the math book
pages (they are in their seat sacks)
-Do the first and second page together. Students can do this at their tables.
-Students can do the independent pages and homework page on their own.
-If they finish before recess time, have them use their white workbins at their spot.
11:45 Clean Up for recess
11:50-12:20 Recess time outside
12:20-12:30 : Bathroom Break, wash hands and water break. After the bathroom, have
students make a line in the hallway until the entire class is done. Remind students to stand with
voices OFF and on the gold line on the floor. You could have a student leader practice being the
“little red school house leader” and everyone has to copy their quiet actions. Example: Hand on
head, tapping shoulders, touching head, shoulders, knees, toes, wiggle fingers in the air, touch
hips, etc. After all students are done, have them go back to their table spot in the classroom.
12:25-12:55 Math Stations
On the smartboard write the following choices. Then have students pick their choice for the
day. They can pick one and stay there the whole time. :)
Ipad—They can play Moose Math or Freckle
Cubes—these are located in their independent math bins in the back of the room
White Buckets on the white shelf by the back window.
12:55-1:25 P.E
Walk the class to P.E
1:25-1:40 SNACK-Pass out something from the back corner shelf to the students. Have a kid
volunteer to help with napkins.
1:45-2:15 Play Centers. Located at the end of the hallway. Students can pick to go to a station
and stay there the whole time unless they are behaving. Max in the kitchen is 5 people.
2:15-2:20 Take Home Folder, Stack Chair, clean space and sit at carpet to go home.
-Students should have their take home folder in their book box (its green), if they forgot them
in their backpack, they can go get it. They should be bringing in their take home folder into the
classroom in the morning every day. They can keep it in their book box throughout the day.
Have students take our their “take home folder.” Unless the office gave you anything to give to
students to take home/return, then you don’t need to put anything in their folder.
-Go around and make a smiley face for todays date (unless they were super naughty for you,
you can give them a side face or a sad face)
-If students are starting to get ready quickly, go on youtube and find CoolSchool videos and play
them while we wait for the time to line up and dismiss for the day. Storylineonline is another
option. Whatever works for you!
-If there siblings are at the door, you can let them leave. If not, bring them outside with the rest
of the class.
-Mrs. G will bring out all the bussers.
2:25/2:30 Start lining students up for dismissal
Students should be lined up in the Bus, Walk, Pick Up order. Mrs G will help with walking the
bussers to the bus and you will bring the rest of the students to the blacktop on our line by the
basketball hoops to get picked up. REMEMBER TO TEACH KIDS TO GIVE YOU AN ELBOW BUMP
BEFORE THEY LEAVE. Don’t allow them to just run off when they see their parents/siblings.
Remember to grab the clipboard to check off how students go home and turn into the office at
the end of the day.
-Camden will be picked up
-Noelle will be picked up
Please call/email me if you have ANY questions and I will do my best to help!
Thank you and leave any notes for me when I do return.
Amber Rochat