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[Template] Study Guide UNit 1

Unit 1 Study Guide
Answer Choices
The process of _____ is when
water changes to water vapor
Determines matter’s ability to float
or sink
What state of matter has molecules
slide pass one another and
changes its shape depending on its
Answer Choices
Which state of matter that takes the
shape of its container and takes up
a definite amount of space?
Matter is sorted into three groups?
Which are….
Fixed shape and volume
[ Which state of matter has a
definite shape and takes up a
definite amount of space?]
Increased ___ results in greater
energy and motion of atoms,
causing MATTER to expand when
The temperature at which a liquid
turns into a gas (
Answer Choices
The temperature at which a solid
turns into a
Plug in the Formula for Density
and figure out the answers for:
1. A solid has a mass of 30
grams and a Volume of 5
grams. Find the density!
2. A liquid has a mass of 12mL
and a volume of 3 mL. Find
the Density!
3. A gas has a mass of 40mL
and a Volume of 10mL. Find
the density!
The amount of matter in an object
Put the liquids in order from most
dense to least dense?
What two properties do you need to
calculate the density of an object?
What unit of measurement is used
for mass?