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Melody's Homemade Sandwich Business
"Tasty, Worth it, and Affordable don't waste your time, buy now and enjoy"
Company Background:
The owner of Melody's Homemade Sandwich will be the provider of the product
(Sandwich) for us to sell in the campus. Melody's Homemade Sandwich is located at Block
31 lot 26 Rosmont Subdivision, Estanza, Legazpi City.
The Proponent
Through the teachings of our teacher in entrepreneurship for the past few weeks,
considerate, creative and wise are the characteristics that best described the whole group
three (3) and their leader Mrs. Melody. The team found it easier to make plans, and
operation for the proposed business.
Being a considerate and thoughtful persona who thinks about their schoolmates
and teachers’ beings, the sandwich idea popped up in their minds to create an alternative
healthy snack for every individuals of Cabangan High School.
The Organization
The proposed business, is Mrs. Melody Bautista's idea, with the help of the whole
group three (3), who is the proponent of the conceptualized idea, will be the one to manage
the entire operation of the business.
Objectives of The Proposed Business
 Provide alternative but healthy snack for students and teachers.
 To minimize the use of non-biodegradable waste.
 To increase the production of healthy sandwiches than to eat unhealthy foods.
 In order to raise funds to provide additional cleaning materials to be donated for
the classrooms who needed it.
 Also, to provide additional trashcans and floor rugs to minimize the dirt.
The Product
This business proposal is a Sandwich Business and we can make other varieties
of it if the costumers wished for it or if it is within our scope of capability. Aside from our
product is healthy, it can also make our stomach full because of the bread and other
nutritious ingredients. It will come in three-piece layer of sliced bread, with healthy stuffing
(egg and mayonnaise or any alternative stuffing as the customers wish to have) and it'll
be cut in a triangular form, and shall be offered in a very affordable price of P15.00 per
slice. This product is also echo friendly because the finished sandwich will be wrapped up
in paper towel or tissue to reduce the use of plastic. The relevancy of this product to the
environmental issue mostly in school when it comes to non-biodegradable waste can be
minimized in our school when you buy this product, than to buy foods wrapped up in single
used plastic sachet or containers.
Health benefits of sandwich
Eating sandwich, with healthy stuffing are crucial in improving attention span and
replenishing energy for a better academic performance, it can also prevent diseases and
instilling healthy dietary habits.
Target Market
The product is suited for all ages especially for the student and teachers of CHS
because we'll be selling it inside the campus. We came up with this idea because we know
that there are numerous of students and teachers who choose not to or forgot to eat their
breakfast because they’re running late for school.
Market Mixing
Using the applicable market Ps and the 4M’s of production. Food tasting,
cleanliness, selling it in a cost-effective price and promoting it to our friends and teachers,
as well as asking for their feedbacks to be done one week before the formal introduction
of the product before selling it in the market. Mostly in school who refused to sell any
unhealthy foods will be our chance since the product is healthy and worth the price.
The products like bread, cupcakes, brownies and any other product who involved flour in
ingredients which is available in school cafeteria, bakery and stores outside are considered direct
competitors but have a difference when it comes to appearance, taste and nutritional value as
Financial Plan
Php.500.00 Sandwich Bread Php.50.00
Egg (15 pcs.)
TOTAL: Php.225.00
The expected excess budget will be
Php.275.00, we plan to use this
money to cater for the customized
orders from customers who don’t
prefer egg sandwiches that we
originally offer or sell.
The launch of this business will begin this coming second or third week of October,
it'll be our instance because the First Periodical Exam is coming, the target market is
mostly at school reviewing for the upcoming exam, and they'll need a healthy snack like
sandwich to improve their attention span to focus on their exam.