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Causes of the French revolution homework

Causes of the French revolution homework
1. (i) Bankrupt – when a government or a person is unable to repay their
outstanding debts.
(ii) Reform – to improve something by making changes to it.
(iii) Estates General – a gathering of representatives from all three
(iv) Deputies - a person appointed as a substitute with power to act.
(v) Cahier de doleances - a lists of grievances drawn up by each of
the three Estates in France.
(vi) National assembly - an assembly composed of the
representatives of a nation.
(vi) Constitution - the laws of a nation, state, or social group that
determine the powers and duties of the government and guarantee
certain rights to the people in it.
(vi) Tennis court oath - an important revolutionary act that showed the
belief that political power came from the nation's people and not from
the monarchy.
2. (1) The royals, especially Queen Marie Antoinette, spent too much
money on luxuries.
(2) The tax system was corrupt and some tax-collector did not hand
all their taxes over to the government.
(3) Soaring Food prices-bad weather led to bad harvests
(4) France had spent a lot of money fighting wars.
3. Most people in France depended on agriculture and farming. There was
bad harvest because of the terrible weather and this led to farmers and
peasants having smaller income, while food prices rose. The people were
starving, but could not afford food and could not find a job.