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By Mr. Kus
Being Late
• If you are late you will get a pass, do not be late. You are late if you
are not sitting down when class starts.
Your class is getting out of hand
• When you act out you hurt yourself.
• This class is to prep you for HS.
• When you fail assignments and quizzes it hurts you not me.
• I Want to help you
• Ask for help
Using the bathroom
• If I allow you to go out to use the restroom you need to be quick.
• 5 min is more then enough time to do what you need to go and get back.
• If you are gone more then 10 min I am sending a search party and you can
explain to the Dean why it took this long
• If lecture is starting or we are in the middle of it. The answer is 9/10
times no!
• Only two people will go out at one time. If you are the third you will
wait until one of them come back
Signing out
• When you leave my classroom you will sign out.
• You will put down your name (first and Last) your element you are in
and the time you are leaving
• When you get back you will write the time you have returned
• You will NOT write I am leaving or anything like this. If you do I will be
sending a note home or an email to a parent.
Class Structure
• First, We take attendance (DO NOT TALK UNLESS YOU ARE SAYING
• Sometimes videos: (DO NOT TALK.)
• Finally, time at the end of class (You can talk quietly.)
While I lecture
• Listen with respect. Try to understand what I am saying
• If you don't understand something, ask a sincere questions for
clarification. Leave sarcasm at the front door.
• Do not interrupt.
• Stereotyping, using epithets or any religious, ethnic, homophobic, or
gender-based slurs is unacceptable.
Lecture Continued
• Upon entering Biology class all students will enter the room in a cool,
calm and collected manner.
• All voices will be kept to a minimum as you find your assigned seat in
the room. Backpacks are to be placed on the ground next to your
chair or behind it. No backpacks are allowed in the aisles where I will
be teaching; those walkways must remain clear at all times.
• When I lecture and or present a power point to the class you are
expected to be taking notes and not talking at all. This is quiet time. It
is vital that you do not disturb myself or any other student during this
instructional time in class.
• Sometimes we will watch Video’s. (DO NOT TALK)
• Leave questions to the end.
• Do not talk while tests out or you get a zero.