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Theoretical Perspectives

Cognitive Perspective
Group 4
By: Audrey K, Larissa W, Claire M, and Ava L
Principles of
The cognitive perspective is focused on
remembering, knowing, and communicating.
Jean Piaget, a developmental psychologist,
studied cognitive development in children
and compared test answers between
children of the same age and different ages.
Piaget found that the minds of children
develop in stages and over time their
responses to problems and sense of logic
changes. His main discovery was that as the
brain matures and learns new information, it
adjusts concepts that it thought it
understood and applies the new information
to it.
An explanation of
Jean Piaget’s theory
and how it is
aligned to the
In relation to the Cognitive Perspective,
Piaget believed that as children age and
experience the world, they go through
multiple major stages of intellectual
development. Piaget’s theory says that
these stages each have unique
characteristics. The Cognitive Perspective
says that these 4 stages include the
Sensorimotor stage, Preoperational stage,
Concrete operational stage, and the Formal
operational stage.
Symbols and Illustrations that Represent Cognitive Perspective
Children reading picture books
can connect them to the outside
world and start to learn new
Children can learn
object performance
Cognitive perspective connect
the children brain to their adult
Key words
associated with
● Child Development
● Brain Behaviors
● Intelligence