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Komatsu-Company Profile

Komatsu Pakistan Soft (Pvt.) Limited (KPS) is a subsidiary of Komatsu Group of Companies
based in Japan. We specialize in enterprise software application solutions, IT consultancy and
outsourcing services. Established in 1999, KPS has been able to evolve into a highly reputable
entity within Komatsu group as well as across the global IT industry.
Since its establishment in 1999, KPS has strived to provide reliable IT solutions and services
to customers around the globe. One of the major reasons behind its success has been the
utter commitment to equip the customers with most viable products, IT solutions and
consultancy services. KPS is a group of smart, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, experienced and
customer-centric people who deem quality not as an option, but as an absolute necessity.
Motivated with the distinctive attitude of “WE CAN, WE WILL”, KPS engineers are anticipated
to strengthen the Komatsu Group of Companies with their robust products, top quality
services and comprehensive solutions. We are determined and looking forward to KPS for
extending its legacy of continuing growth and achievements in years to come.
KPS offers software development and consultancy services to Komatsu Group of Companies
in Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe and USA, providing top notch software products and total
solutions precisely tailored to client’s needs and requirements. One of the distinguishing
features of KPS is its highly professional, skilled and motivated team who believe in going
above and beyond in serving client’s expectations and requirements. These feats are achieved
by proactive quality assurance methods, on-going management reviews and continual
improvement based on customer feedback.
Quality work, timely delivery, comprehensive solutions and competitive prices are some of
the distinguishing features of KPS, making it a leading choice for clients from around the
For more information on Products and Services, please visit the Company website
Komatsu Pakistan Soft(Pvt) Ltd. (kps.komatsu)