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Role of the Turnkey Project Solutions in an Industrial Storage Project

What is the Objective of Turnkey Projects of
An agreement between a customer and a service/product
supplier (or contractor) that is commonly referred to as a
Turnkey Project, or turnkey contract, is whereby the
latter agrees to manage every phase of the project from
the beginning until completion. Additionally, the
contractor will ensure complete and accurate completion
of all phases of the project, including delivery of the
product or service (in this case, the installation of
industrial racking systems).
Turnkey Warehouse Projects are designed to provide a
comprehensive service to the customer (or contractor) so
they don't have to worry about anything but ensuring
that the project is conducted in accordance with the
previous agreement.
What should the turnkey concept include in an industrial storage project?
In Turnkey Project Solutions,
the Following Factors Are
Addressed: The project design,
the course of execution, the
price and the method of
payment, and the law that
governs the contract.
Turnkey Industrial Storage Projects Comprise Several Phases:
Analysis of the need:
An initial assessment of the customer's
needs must be made, including the
space possibilities, the company's
operations, how goods are flowed and
other information. This information is
communicated to the storage system
supplier. This will enable the contractor
to provide a custom proposal based on
the customer's needs and provide a
storage solution or sector tailored to
their needs.
Advice on solutions and formalization of the contract:
Customer and supplier must first contact each other before
the supplier can offer the customer the best solution. A
detailed analysis of the circumstances is conducted in order
to communicate the proposal, taking into account all the
technical variables (deadlines, planning, quality, etc.) and
logistics. There will be several alternatives offered if
necessary. The customer will have the opportunity to assess
the project carefully and build a transparent relationship this
It is essential that the supplier is well informed about every
aspect of the project, that they present themselves as a
trustworthy partner, and that they offer a project that
enhances the customer's competitiveness at all times. When
all the information is at hand, the client will decide which
proposal is the most suitable and finalise the contract
Design and Calculation of Structures:
In this step, the engineering team designs and calculates The
Industrial Selves and shelving to be installed in the industrial
unit, warehouse, or distribution center. In order to design,
calculate and manufacture the racks, environment factors
potentially affecting the structure will be examined.
Production Planning and Monitoring:
During this phase, the structure is being installed in various
phases in the Warehouse. Each phase of the project will be
monitored continuously to ensure the deadlines have been
met. The execution of the project will require coordination
between project managers, administrative and financial
staff, operation managers, technician, etc.
Quality control and logistics:
There must be quality control at all stages of the project,
especially during the manufacturing of industrial racking,
which involves laser measurement, welding, painting,
finishing, and packaging. In addition, quality must meet
regulatory standards.
Planning of the installation and its execution:
A process of installation and assembly begins once the
product is verified to meet the customer’s requirements and
what is agreed in the project meets the quality parameters
required. A project’s completion phase involves many
stakeholders and is accompanied by the pressure of meeting
deadlines. Each detail must be reviewed before it can be
What are the advantages of a turnkey project for a Warehouse?
Budget Control
Direct Contact
Set Delivery Time
Greater Knowledge Of The Process
Personalized After-sales Service
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