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Example of Statement of Purpose (SOP) for university admission - course data analytics

Statement of Purpose
In a data driven world, data analytics has immense possibilities. I am
pursuing a course on Foundation of Market Analytics Specialization from
Emory University, through Coursera. This is a short-term certificate course
and it has whetted my appetite to become a specialist in data analytics.
While my background is a B.Tech from the SRM Institute of Science and
Technology, I find I lean more towards data analytics. This is the chief reason
why I wish to specialize as a data analyst and make my mark in this field in
the years to come.
What do I wish to study
I fully understand data analytics is a broad term and includes artificial
intelligence and data science, topics that cannot be covered in a year or two.
Still, a specific course in data analytics will help me on my career path and I
will pursue more specialized courses on my way to becoming an expert.
Why this program and this university
A broad evaluation of various courses in data analytics showed me that most
lacked one feature or the other or were otherwise unsuitable. This is the only
course that meets my expectations in terms of topics covered. This university
is the best choice insofar as it has an enviable reputation, top faculty and an
environment that aids growth.
Why this country
No other country comes close to the States in terms of diversity or
technological advancement. I have always admired the freedom of
expression and the encouragement innovators receive. Excellence is
rewarded and its system of education stands apart from others. I would
consider it my good fortune to be able to study, learn, gain expertise and
eventually return to India to help my country and its people.
My experience
During my studies I worked as an intern with BSNL, as a business
development executive with Quick Ride and then as an ad sales trainee at
Viacom18. Eventually, on completion of studies, I joined Viacom18 (Colors
Kannada channel) as an Ad Sales Executive. My responsibilities covered
revenue generation from the Southern region. I handled sales of FCT,
sponsorship programs and campaigns on behalf of corporate entities such as
Wipro, Britannia and ITC. From prospecting to pitching and conversions, I
handled everything and developed new clientele for the channel, increasing
its revenues. One thing I noticed is that data analysis is important to take
the right business decisions.
Specific classes and projects
Not one to sit idle, I undertook various courses even as I was pursuing the
B.Tech program in which I gained CGPA 6.713 score. I took on programming
in C++ and Java from the Centre for Development of Talent and Skills in
Kanpur. Prior to that I joined the course on Python from the University of
Michigan. The turning point was my course in Statistics for Business Analytics
and Data Science at Udemy in 2020 which eventually led me to join the
Foundation of Market Analytics Specialization course at Emory University.
This opened my eyes to possibilities of data analytics. I decided to specialize
in this field.
While at SRM I became a coordinator of Talent Arena and a member of the
Placement Cell, assisting students with guidance as regards future career
choices. I also was Coordinator of the Robotics Club of my college. It was a
time of learning and enjoying work when I joined the college’s Organizing
Community for the MUN 16 Conference. I also was Managing Member of
Innovate 17 Tech Fest of the college. I enjoyed being a leader, taking on
challenges and working with my team to achieve desired objectives.
Apart from these activities I played at the State Championship level in
Volleyball. It gave me happiness to be commended for Rockstar Performance
of the year in my college, leading my band to popularity and success.
What values do I bring to the institution
I am a hard worker. I show exceptional commitment to studies and also to
other facets of life. I hope to do more for the college beyond studies and
contribute with my voluntary services. As a musician I hope to bring joy to
the student community. Maybe I will get a chance to play volleyball for the
college and contribute to wins. In any case, I do bring my cultural values to
share with others.
My career goals and how this course will help me
Doing things halfway is not my style. I am intent on becoming a successful
data analyst, possibly working for top enterprises in India and helping them
to forge ahead. This course will give me the best grounding to do my job
competently, responsibly and to the satisfaction of my employers. Of course,
I will not rest here; I will pursue even more advanced courses.
Thank you for reading this. May I hope you will be pleased to consider my
application and grant admission? I shall be grateful to you.
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