Uploaded by Joseph Ivan Abanero

Abanero Theo

Heavenly Father, Thank you for the gift of life. I am forever grateful for the
abundant blessings you have showered upon us. I praise you for sending us
your son, Jesus, that in Him we have freedom, forgiveness, and eternal life. I
pray that you will continue to make me even more obedient to serve you and
the mission church. I pray for the spiritual growth of every youth involved,
and may you continue to provide the practical and financial needs of every
social mission that this church will have. May you also provide me abundant
means to help, contribute, and promote the mission of the church. May you
bless each one of us the wisdom to continue preaching Your word to Your
people. I pray that your message will spread quickly, so that others will honor
it just as you did. May you forgive us of all our shortcomings. We bring back all
the glory, praises, and thanksgiving to you. In Jesus Name, Amen.