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advanced database assignment

Moses kwereba Njenga
Advanced database assignment
BSD 3108
Differentiate between DBMS architecture including deductive database and distributed
The different types of DBMS architectures include:
1-tier architecture – the client, server and database all reside on the same machine and
request by the client don’t need a network connection to perform actions on the database
2-tier architecture – the database resides on the server machine. The presentation layer
lies on the client machine and is connected to the server through a network. Clients make
requests while server executes the request and returns the results to the client
3-tier architecture – this model includes the presentation layer, application layer and the
database server. The client doesn’t communicate with the server directly but instead
communicates with the server application which in turn communicates with the database
server. The application is in charge of handling functional logic, constraints and rules
before presenting the data to either the database or the client
Deductive database – is database system that makes deductions based on rules stored on the
database. A datalog language is used to specify the facts, rules and queries in deductive
Distributed database – a distributed database is a collection of multiple interconnected
databases in different locations connected by a network.
Evaluate the issues involved in the operation of DBMS architecture including query
processing, security and integrity
Issues involved include:
Query processing – databases may require data to be transmitted across different
machines and networks, this leads to communication overhead. If the database is poorly
optimized, it may cause slow processing
Security – databases are prone to threats such as malware and data breaches which leads
to corruption of the data.
Integrity – unauthorized access to the database may lead to the integrity of the data being
Scalability – in the case of unprecedented growth, the database may have trouble keeping
up with the growth or may encounter unexpected errors