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SM Review for Final Exam S22

This is a study guide for the final exam. It is keyed to the PowerPoint slides on Moodle.
Note that the exams are not cumulative. However, you do need to know basic concepts
from the first part of the course. Review the PowerPoint slides and your notes. If
something is not clear, look at the textbook.
Ch 6 Corporate Level Strategy
P3 Synergy
P4-P7 Boston Consulting Group growth/share matrix
P8 Portfolio Model limitations
P13 Diversification
P16 External Diversification: related and unrelated
P17 Related diversification benefits
P18 Core competencies
P19 Sharing activities
P20 Market power
P21 Shaw industry example
P22 Unrelated diversification
P23 Parenting
P24 Restructuring
P27 Means of external diversification
P28-P29 Strategic alliances and joint ventures
P31, P33 Mergers and acquisitions
P34-P35 Why related diversification succeeds
Ch 7 International Strategy
P3 What is international strategy?
P7 Product strategy (same vs adapt)
P10, P12 Entry Modes
P14 Why do companies go international
P17 International environment dimensions
P18 Risks
Marketing Strategy
P2 What is marketing strategy?
P8, P9 Four Marketing Growth Strategies
P12, P14 Positioning map
P17 Branding strategy
Service Industries and Financial Services
P3 Services business characteristics
P4, P5 Strategy in the services industry
Ch 11 Strategic Leadership
P3 Strategic leadership definition and characteristics of a strategic leader
P4 Role of strategic leaders
P11 Barriers to change
P12, P13 Use of power
Ch 9 Strategic Control
P2 Strategic control definition
P3 Traditional approach
P4 Contemporary approach
P 10, 11 Corporate Governance
Ch 12 Innovation Strategy
P5 Radical vs incremental innovation
P16, P18 NPV (need to know what this is, when this is used but no calculations
on exam)
P19, P20 Real option analysis (need to know what this is, when this is used but
no calculations on exam)
Ch 12 Technology Strategy
P2 Cluster theory
P5, P7 Technology strategy
P9 Augmented reality
P24 Metaverse