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Gospel Illustrations

Gospel Illustration – Magic Book
Supplies: “Holy Bible Magic Coloring Book” (on Amazon)
Show the book
(keep it closed)
around the
Hi, everyone!
Do you guys have a favorite book?
Today I’m going to share with you my favorite book in the whole world.
Can you guess what it is?
It’s the Bible! More specifically, my favorite book is my coloring Bible.
This is my favorite book! It’s filled with so many pictures of beautiful
stories from the Bible.
Wow, I can’t wait to show you.
But first, I want you to picture this book as if this is a person’s life.
Now this is what a person’s life is like if they’ve never given their life to
Watch real close.
Flip the book to
show empty pages.
Flip the book to
I’m going to show you again.
show empty pages. What’s inside this book?
Yea, there’s nothing in this book.
It’s empty.
If a person has never given their life to Jesus, they are just as empty as
this coloring book. It doesn’t matter if you have all the toys and friends
you want, without God everything is meaningless. Everything is
temporary and will go away.
Flip the book to
And some other people have been to church once in a while,
show black and
They learned some things about God.
white pages.
And they feel like they kind of have an outline of how to live.
Flip the book to
Do you see the black and white pictures?
show black and
They kind of have a picture of the way things are supposed to be.
white pages.
But is this book complete?
It’s missing something important.
Just because you know about Jesus doesn't mean that you are saved.
Knowing about Him isn’t enough.
And just saying a prayer isn’t enough.
You’re still separated from God, and that’s scary.
As long as we do not have Jesus as our King, our sin separates us from
It’s about your heart.
God is ready to forgive you and be your Father, but we need to give our
lives to Him with all our hearts.
We need to give God full control. We need to admit that we are nothing
but sinners and we need God’s forgiveness.
Flip the book to
When we turn our hearts and give our lives to Jesus, He enters our hearts
show color pages. and changes us.
He becomes our King, and God is a good King. He welcomes you today,
but the choice is yours. What will you choose?
Gospel Illustration – Change Bag
Materials: Dirty handkerchief, clean handkerchief, “Magic Change Bag” – from Amazon
This bag is like us.
And in our lives, all of us have done a bunch of bad things. (pull out dirty hanky from pocket)
(ask volunteer to hold up dirty hanky) Look at this: this is like somebody’s life. It could be you,
or me.
Look at all those marks, all those scribbles. Each one of them stands for something we’ve done
wrong. Maybe a lie, cheating on a test, being mean to your brother and sister, disobeying your
mom or dad, talking back to your teachers.
Look at the other side, it’s super messy too.
Do you know why it’s so dirty? I took this hanky and walked around with it and wiped my
sweat on it, blew my nose on it, and cleaned the floor with it.
I’m joking, but it really is messy! It’s nasty! Is this a brand new handkerchief?
Everybody say, “No way!”
But you know what, neither are we.
The Bible says we are all sinners. We are all like this filthy hanky. We’ve all done wrong things.
But the worst sin of all, was that we didn’t worship God. God wasn’t God to us.
And our hearts are empty (show them the empty basket).
But the Bible also says that no matter how sinful, how filthy, how dirty this person was, if this
person comes to Jesus and says, “Forgive me. I am sinful. I’m sorry for all the wrong things I’ve
done, especially not loving You God. I give you my life.”
When they trust Jesus as their Lord and as their Savior, because He died and rose again to
save them, when they come to Jesus,
“reach in and pull it out”
God will forgive every thing they have ever done, or thought, or felt, and make them like new.
And when God takes it away, nobody, and nothing (show them the empty bag) can ever bring it
back again.
Gospel Illustration – Chemical Reaction
Supplies: clear cup, small wooden cross (bottom part must fit cup), iodine solution, photo
developer powder
1. Prepare a cup of clean water. Make sure it is clean water and there’s nothing else mixed
2. Label the iodine bottle “SIN.”
3. Put some developing powder on the bottom and back of the wooden cross, so that it
will enter the water when putting in the cross, but so that the audience can’t see it.
Show the audience the
cup of water. Hold it
Show the audience the
bottle of iodine, which
is labeled “SIN”
Drop one drop of
iodine into the cup of
This cup of water represents us. It is you. It is me.
And this represents sin. It is poison.
I want to use this to demonstrate what sin is like for God.
Let’s take this moment to think about a small sin. So small, that we
all have done it. Think about a lie you’ve told. A tiny lie. Maybe it
didn’t even hurt anyone.
So I am going to drop one drop of poison into the water. It is like one
tiny sin.
Now let me ask: is there anyone here who would be comfortable
drinking this cup of water with one drop of poison? (wait for crowd
to answer)
That’s right – you wouldn’t. Even if it’s 99% water, there is still
poison in there. This is no longer pure water. We cannot drink it. It
is good for nothing. It is only fit to discard.
Now, sin is like this to God. Even one tiny sin is detestable and
wicked to God.
Put drops of iodine into However, the reality is that we did not have just one tiny sin. Even
cup as you are
just lying, we’ve told a countless times. But we’ve also hurt others.
mentioning each sin.
We’ve had unforgiving hearts and hated others, which Jesus said is
the same as murder. We’ve disobeyed our parents. We were lustful
and selfish.
Dramatically put in
But the greatest sin of all: God was not God to us. We lived our lives
many drops of iodine
however we wanted. We made choices without God. We loved
into water, showing
money more than God. We were our own gods.
how great this sin is.
Show everyone the
We are so full of sin and evil in the eyes of God, and we cannot go
now-black cup of
near Him in this state.
What can be the solution to our sin?
There are two options. One, we pay the cost of our sin. We receive
the due punishment for our own sins, which is death and hell.
Show everyone the
wooden cross.
Put the cross into the
Dramatically spin the
cross inside the cup, to
let the powder mix in
and change the color of
the water.
Eternal separation from God.
Second, someone else, who has no sin, can take the punishment for
us and pay the cost instead of us. That person is Jesus Christ. He is
God’s only Son.
Jesus came, took our sins, our consequences of sin, our shame, our
debt, our pain, illness, evil, and our names, and died with them all on
the cross. He received all the punishment that was meant for us.
Then He rose again from the dead, and He offers us this:
Whoever repents, which means admitting to God, “I am a dirty
sinner. I no longer want to be the king and god of myself, but I want
YOU to be my God, my King, my Lord. I give my life to You, so You
can do with it what You like. Please forgive me.”
And believes that Jesus took your sins and died with them,
Whoever it may it, Jesus takes your life, and enters it.
And Jesus makes an unthinkable trade that makes no sense: He
takes our dirty lives, and trades them with his perfect life.
And now when Jesus is the Lord of our lives, and He is in our hearts,
that’s when our hearts become clean and new.
And this is the good news. Although we are full of sin, God has made
a way for us to become brand new, and He invites you today to
believe in Him and receive this gift of salvation.
*Note: Make sure you clean up right away so nobody accidentally drinks it, especially when
working with children.