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Personal Safety
Internet Safety
This lesson corresponds to the Personal Safety: Internet Safety PowerPoint.
The lesson consists of seven slides that detail safe internet and social
media practices.
It details five rules of social networking and what you need to assume. It also
shows four internet pages that detail “what not to do” if you have a social
networking page, how a predator can locate you based upon information
you share online and what consequences could be associated with posting
inappropriate information.
This information was gathered from personal research, a graduate level course,
police interviews and web statistics.
The worksheets include fill in the blank note taking as well as short answer
sentences. Also included are questions students can answer while viewing
the PowerPoint. These questions can be used to check for comprehension
or answers can be recorded and used as assessments.
Also included on the notes pages are some enrichment or thought-provoking
questions that students can utilize to enhance writing practices or for class
This PowerPoint and notes pages may be used in conjunction with my other
Personal Safety Slideshows that encompass a whole Personal Safety Unit.
Personal Safety
Internet Safety
Do you know what information you
are giving perfect strangers?
Who are you letting in your home?
When you use the internet
to chat, blog, connect
with friends, email and
share photos, you are
essentially letting any
viewer into your personal
life, not to mention into
your home!
Would you let just anyone
into your home?
Safe and Responsible Social Networking
1. Assume that EVERYONE has
access to your profile.
2. Use DISCRETION when
putting pictures on your
3. Assume people WILL use the
information on your profile to
cause you harm.
4. Assume there are predators
out there trying to FIND YOU!
5. You may be held responsible
for inappropriate content on
your profile.
Hmm… Well I’m 16. I got dark brown eyes and I am about 5’8. I love
to play softball and chat with my girls. I go to Lee’s Summit North
High School and I am a junior. Anything else you wanna know, I will
tell ya.
Full name & birthday
What would be
appropriate to
put on your
online profile?
A picture of you in your team’s uniform
A picture of you holding a beer
Your address
A picture of you and your best friend in
your winter dance clothes.