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Emma Watson speech comprehension (1)

Emma Watson: Gender Equality Is Your Issue Too
1. What does “gender inequality” mean?
a. Women are not treated as equal as men.
b. Women are better than men.
c. Men are superior.
d. Everybody is involved in fairness.
2. What does feminism believe?
a. Men and women deserve the same rights and opportunities.
b. Men deserve more opportunities than women.
c. Goodwill men will help goodwill women.
d. Gender inequality can end in six months.
3. What happened to the boys when they wanted to direct the plays when she was
in elementary school?
a. People called the boys “bossy”.
b. People rejected those boys.
c. Teachers punished them.
d. Nobody said anything.
4. Why did some girls stop playing sports in middle and high schools?
a. The girls didn’t like sports anymore.
b. They were not good enough to play.
c. People considered those girls not to be feminine.
d. Their parents forced them to stop.
5. How many countries in the world have achieved gender equality?
a. Most of the countries.
b. About half of the countries.
c. A few countries.
d. Zero countries.
6. Why does Emma Watson believe her life is privileged?
a. Her school did not impose any limits on her.
b. Her father and mother love her.
c. Her teachers supported her.
d. All of the above.
7. What was the speech Hillary Clinton made in China about?
a. Family rights.
b. Beijing’s rights.
c. Women’s rights.
d. Children’s rights.
8. Why was Emma Watson surprised that only 30% of her audience was male?
a. Those men were sad.
b. Those men did not want to change anything.
c. Women were mean to them.
d. 50% of the men are men.
9. Why does Emma Watson mention his father? Because
a. Society does not respect fathers as it respects mothers.
b. Her father was a mean person.
c. Her father hates gender equality.
d. Her father divorced her mother.
10. Why do some men who suffered from mental illness not look for help?
a. Men don’t really have a problem.
b. Men are afraid people will think they are not real men.
c. Men don’t have any benefits.
d. 2049 men are killed.
11. Why are some women submissive? Because
a. Some men are aggressive.
b. Women like to be controlled.
c. Some men are sensitive.
d. Men are very strong.
12. What does Emma Watson mean when she says, “that their sons have
permission to be human too.”?
a. Men have also the right to be sensitive and fragile.
b. Men believe they are real superheroes.
c. Men have prejudices.
d. Men like Harry Potter movies.
13. What does the Edmund Burke means with the sentence, “All that is needed for the
forces of evil to triumph is for enough good men and women to do nothing.”?
a. If we, the good people, do nothing, bad people will win.
b. Evil forces are stronger than good people.
c. Everybody has doubts.
d. We need to be strong.
14. If we do nothing what could happen to over fifteen million little girls in the next
sixteen years?
a. They will receive secondary education.
b. They will earn the same amount of money as men for equal work.
c. They will be forced to marry.
d. None of the above