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MYP4 Unit1 ATL

An IB World School
Grade: MYP 4
Subject: Biology
Unit Title: Cell Biology
Key Concept: Relationships Related Concept: Forms and functions
Global Context: Globalization and Sustainability: Exploration – Commonality, diversity and
Statement of Inquiry: Relationship between different forms and functions of components with
in an organism can lead to either commonality or diversity.
ATL Skill: Critical Thinking Skills and Communication Skills
Magnification of specimens
Task- To calculate the magnification of a leaf.
ResourceThe following video link shows how to calculate the magnification of a specimen.
Select a plant specimen from your vicinity for the activity.
Pluck one healthy leaf from the plant specimen selected.
Make a large labelled drawing of the leaf on a drawing sheet or a suitable A4 sheet of paper,
using a sharp pencil and a ruler.
Use the information given in the resource to calculate the magnification of the drawing.
You are expected to show the steps of your working.
Submit the completed task sheet on the assignment section on MS Teams.