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Case Study

In conclusion, Regina likes to think that she can be independent, or has the imbalanced mindset
where it comes to the process of self-assessment. Generally, it’d be very hard to start working
constantly. There could be a lot of misunderstanding, pressure, and hardships, but Regina thinks
that she is self-informed enough to conclude that the work doesn’t fit her abilities. She likes to
think that an improvement doesn’t need other necessary steps, like assistance in this case;
therefore, making her easy to accept defeat, both in work environment and in her lifestyle. Regina,
I think, has a very high degree of confidence in not considering help. She would rather find a new
job that fits her abilities rather than try. In another angle, it is her right to choose what would be
the best fit for her ability, but today it’d lead to inconvenience and also, I think her job, as a legal
assistant, really requires using technological documents. As a worker, she is highly fixed of her
position and abilities that she refused to learn about other stuffs. It takes bravery to confess that
you don’t know everything you need to know, however, that’s the foremost step in learning. It’s
often a question of pride blended with a little defensiveness over their lack of knowledge. Regina
as a person is in denial of the things, she needs to change for self-improvement to achieve a better
lifestyle. All in all, she is unaware of her abilities and is trying very hard to stay independent in
the wrong way as she concedes defeat easily.