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(feature) The Cross of the Alpha and Omega

The Cross of The Alpha and Omega: A Lenten season celebration
"Will death be the end of anything or the start of everything?"
One death could change anyone's life, and one end could lead a person to crumple
down. We all had already experienced losing someone we dearly love, someone closed
to our hearts. It doesn't matter if that's a person, an animal, or anything alive. Losing
someone doesn't feel good. It felt like giving up or just disappearing. It felt like hell when
we'd lost someone we knew would never be within our lifetime. We knew that they'd cross
the bridge where we could not follow and that they would never come back to us. We
would never see them again; we knew that they would never be in our arms—this is the
pain every person goes through whenever they lose someone they dearly love or
someone close to their hearts.
But death can sometimes be the beginning of everything, death can sometimes be
hope to anyone, it hurt that we might never be able to see and hug them again when they
crossed the bridge to the other life. But this could be the growth of new courage. This
could be the beginning of everything. While death might be the most painful thing anyone
could ever encounter, there would always be hope such as when ‘The sun sets, the moon
will shine.’ A new beginning would always come, although moving on was painful. Still,
there would be a reason behind the loss of someone. There would always be a reason
why we had to go through the pain of losing.
In life, there would always be a reason for humans to experience death.
Sometimes God puts humans in a difficult situation to test their hearts and to know how
strong they are and be not afraid of death. One of these trials is sacrificing oneself for
someone—sacrificing oneself that leads to ending a life. This is why the death of someone
could be the beginning of everything, it could be the end of their life for others, but for
others, this was the first step of the birth of everything.
For us Catholics, we celebrate the death of someone to honor His sacrifice for the
things He did to humanity. He sacrificed His life for us to continue living and be forgiven
for our sins and for others not to suffer. This one death saves us all. Yes, this is the death
of the alpha and omega, on the cross, for our sins. This celebration is what we now call
the Lenten Season. We began this tradition to honor the death of Christ our Lord.
Remember the legacy that Christ has left, and remember to live our lives with good
purpose and go forward following His teachings.