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CCS Business Plan

Creative Call Solutions LLC
124 East 3rd Street
Unit 3
Duluth, MN 55805
Creative Call Solution LLC (CCS) is a limited liability partnership registered in the state of
Minnesota. Its founder is Ms. Michelle Lieble, a former telemarketing head at many call
centers throughout her time. Ms. Lieble has constructed a team of telemarketing and
customer relations specialists who have a total of 35 years of combined experience with this
CCS does not have any private investors or a board. CCS temporarily has its main office in
Duluth, MN. CCS expects to begin offering services in January 2023.
Creative Call Solutions will be providing a wide range of call center customer service
including both inbound and outbound calls but on a much smaller scale for at least one year.
The most common needs that we can fulfill are:
Generate sales leads(cold call, residential, b2b)
Set appointments
Market research
Surveys (including statistical analysis and political surveys)
**Inbound Natural Gas Overflow support
CCS is not a telemarketing company; we do not create the marketing campaigns for our
clients. Throughout my experience, it’s been learned that many companies desire to create
their own marketing campaign since they already have marketing personnel with extensive
contact and experience in the industry.
This industry is a growing rapidly with most companies having an annual growth between
5.5% and 8%. This is due to businesses that are becoming increasingly aware of the need for
market information and the desire to reduce customer turnover rates in a hard hit economy. A
significant trend in this industry is the growing number of clients who wish to outsource
telemarketing functions to client companies instead of developing such infrastructure inhouse. This makes for an excellent opportunity for Creative Call Solutions.
CCS plans to enter into two market segments. First, we will work in the natural gas
industry since they have a high need to maintain contact with their patients at all times. We
will also be working as a first level scheduling and appointment setting for natural gas
distributors, and be taking on short-term projects such as surveys from them as well.
Financial considerations and Start-up assets required are shown in the tables below. I’ve tried
to include expenses and the cash needed to support operations until revenues reach an
acceptable level. As of now we have no funding to get in the game.
If all goes well with startup, CCS expects to reach profitability in year two and does not
anticipate any serious cash flow problems. I conservatively believe that during the first two
years ongoing contracts per month will guarantee a break-even point. Creative Call Solutions
keys to long-term survivability and profitability are:
Create long-term contracts that demand constant monitoring or on-call services.
Keeping close contact with clients and establishing a well-functioning long-term
relationship with them to generate repeat business and obtain a top notch reputation.
Establish a comprehensive service experience for our clients that include consultation,
progress reports and post-program feedback.
It is the mission of Creative Call Solutions to provide our clients with top quality call center
services that provide the greatest chance of communicating with end customers. We do B2B
and B2C services including both inbound and outbound calls. We have a dedicated and
extremely knowledgeable management team and customer support specialists who are able to
consistently provide excellent services delivered in a timely and cost-effective manner.
Whatever a client's customer relations goals are: quantifying sales leads, taking orders,
responding to ad inquiries, market research, or general information requests, CCS has the
people with the expertise to professionally service the need.
The three year goal for Creative Call Solution LLC is:
Achieve break-even by year two.
Establish long-term contracts with at least four clients.
Establish minimum 95% customer satisfaction rate to form long-term relationships
with our clients and create word of mouth marketing.
The company's main clients will be companies that require high amounts of communication
between themselves and their clients. This includes medical services, and companies that
wish to outsource first-level help desk support. By focusing on institutions such as
these that have special needs, we believe we will be able to better serve our clients and
produce a superior service that is more effective that other call center firms. Start-up assets
required are shown in the tables below. This includes expenses and the cash needed to
support operations until revenues reach an acceptable level.
Start-up Expenses
Software Licensing
Expensed equipment
Total Start-up Expenses
Start-up Assets
Cash Required
Other Current Assets
Long-term Assets
Total Assets
Total Requirements