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General Education secondary MULTIPLE CHO

General Education (secondary)
1. Which refers to FUNNEL EFFECT?
A. The belief that every criminal gets caught and is punished.
B. The belief that crime is under control in the United States.
C. The idea that only a very few suspects arrested for committing a crime are actually
D. The idea that all crimes put into the same criminal justice system.
2. One of the most outstanding accomplishments of the cooperative movement is the
encouragement of thrift. Which maximum of God puts this into practice?
A. “God Helps those who help themselves”.
B. “Look at the birds: they do not plant seeds, gather a harvest and put it in barns; yet your Father
in heaven takes care of them!”
C. “He is near to those who call to Him, who call to Him with sincerity.”
D. “Happy are those who are merciful to others; God will be merciful to them!”
3. Which is NOT personal integrity?
A. Time
B. Place
C. Order
D. Harmony
Carter’s part in relinquishing U.S. control of the Central Zone to Panama is described as a
victory for ________.
A. conservatism
B. anti-imperialism
C. isolationism
D. imperialism
5. Of the following changes in the socio-economic, political cultural and physical that have
occurred in the Filipino family, which one remains to be TRUE?
The loss of the traditional evening prayer and ritual of blessing (mano)
The unity of the family despite competing demands
The continued parental influence over children’s language dress and other behavior
The continued support for parents and siblings
6. Mang Tacio has been unemployed for quite sometime due to his negative attitude toward work.
Which program of the Department of Social Welfare and Services will help him?
A. Income in Kind Program
B. Anti-Medicancy Program
C. HRD Program
D. Social Insurance Program
7. The main message of the Moral Recovery Program launched by Leticia Ramos Shahani starts
with the ________.
A. world
B. family
C. self
D. nation
8. Which are limited only to the sale of real property and stock transaction?
A. Business incomes
B. Capital gains
C. Employment incomes
D. Passive incomes
9. If a farmer would want assistance like pricing, guarantee for all agricultural produce or
cooperative management training, where would he go?
Support services of the Department of Agrarian Reform
Special Agrarian Court under the Regional Trial Court
DAR adjudication board
Land Bank
10. The Soviet Union’s attempt to establish a missile base in Cuba is interpreted as a direct
violation of
A. The Truman Doctrine
B. The Monroe Doctrine
C. The Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (SALT)
D. The Declaration of Independence
11. As a representative of the Urban Poor Commission of the Association of Religious Superiors
(ARS), which action will you most likely take to resolve the long-term roots of structural
inequalities-proliferation of child labor and child prostitution?
Raise views of human rights abuse.
Organize regular programs for information and discussion of human rights
Conduct skills training
Raise questions over the government’s commitment to rebuild human rights
12. What values are being given priority by juries in criminal cases?
A. The rights of the criminal over the strict interpretation of the law
B. The safety of the community over the sympathy for the criminal
C. The needs of the criminals over the advice of the judge
D. The punishment of the criminal over the safety of the community
13. Lucy’s husband has been a drug dependent. She wanted him rehabilitated to be economically
productive. Where will she commit her husband?
B. Bukang Liwayway Ceter
14. Which will solve poverty caused by capitalism?
A. Fascism
B. Communism
C. Empirism
D. Socialism
15. Which family obligation is especially valued?
A. Supplying groceries to relatives in remote barrios
B. Providing health assistance to relatives living in the same locale
C. Sending to college relatives in remote barrios
D. Keeping immediate family members out of trouble
16. Which theory was asserted by the Pan-German belief in the superiority of the Aryan race and
that the strength of the German culture came from a strong, healthy and rustic lineage?
A. Dependency Theory
B. Culture of Poverty Theory
C. Social Darwinist Theory
D. Theory of Capitalism
17. Why was San Andres Cooperative Association of Paco, not exempted
from taxation?
A. I accumulates reserves and undivided net savings of P8,000,000.00
B. I accumulates reserves and undivided net savings of P10,000.00
C. I accumulates reserves and undivided net savings of P9,000,000.00
D. I accumulates reserves and undivided net savings of P11,000.00
18. Juliet Villaruel was a landowner from Cabio, Nueva Ecija. Under the CARL, she was claiming
8 hectares, 5 hectares of which represented the retention limit and the 3 hectares for her only
child. Why was her child denied 3 hectares?
A. Her son was 15 years old who was actually tilting the farm
B. Her son was 17 years old who was managing the farm
C. Her son was 13 years old who has been helping till the farm
D. Her son was 19 years old who was actually tilting or managing the farm
19. Which part of the Allied action has been detailed in this passage?
After Saddam Hussein violated international arguments by sending Iraq troops to
Kuwait and missiles into their neighboring countries, the Allies responded with military
A. The Allied bases in Saudi Arabia
B. The ground was in the desert
C. The movement of Allied troops in Iraq
D. The campaign in the Baghdad area
20. Which one is the human right to life?
A. Peace
B. Live in national and international order
C. Own Property
D. Fair trial
21. Two days after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, Roosevelt made the following statements:
“In the past few years and most violently in the past few days, we learned a terrible
lesson. We must begin the great task that is before us by abandoning once and for all
the illusion that we can ever again isolate ourselves from the rest of the humanity.”
In the statement, Roosevelt is expressing the ideas of ________.
A. an internationalist
B. an anti-imperialist
C. an imperialist
D. an isolationist
22. The following are defects present at the time of marriage which is voidable and annullable
A. impotence
B. deceit
C. fraud
D. threat
23. Why does a pendulum in a grandfather clock once set in motion continue to swing, thereby
regulating the clock’s movement? This is due to the Law of
A. Universal Gravitation
B. Action and Reaction
C. Applied Force
D. Inertia
24. New ponies, perennial plants that produce shows flowers can be propagated from the parent
plant by dividing corns that grow underground. The reproductive form resembles a
A. bulb
B. runner
C. seed
D. bud
25. The San Pascual Credit Cooperative of Quezon City wishes to apply for a loan of five pesos
from one of the financial institution, EXCEPT?
A. Development Bank of the Philippines
B. Central Bank of the Philippines
C. Philippine National Bank
D. Land Bank of the Philippines
26. The following are legitimate children EXCEPT?
those born by artificial insemination.
those legitimate.
those born during a valid marriage of parents.
those born out a valid marriage of parents.
27. Of the following, which is imposed a final tax of ten percent (10%)
A. PSCO and lotto winnings.
B. Books literary works and musical compositions
C. Currency banks deposit
D. Royalties
28. Which of the following foreign policy actions today is a direct result of early American
imperialist policy?
Station of American troops in West Germany
American’s military support of Israel in the Middle East
American’s patrolling of waters of the Libyan coast
American’s establishment of military bases I nth Philippines
29. Which area of the brain controls feelings on the side of a person’s face?
A. The left occipital lobe
B. The left parietal lobe
C. The right parietal lobe
D. The right occipital lobe
30. Why does a bullet when discharged into the air eventually fall to the ground? This is due to the
Law of ___________.
A. Universal Gravitation
B. Applied Force
C. Inertia
D. Action and Reaction
31. The principle under which thermostat operates is the same when?
a gas expands to fill the container in which it is held.
a pendulum swings when it is set into motion.
a chemical reaction occurs when two substances combine.
the level of mercury rises or falls in a glass tube.
32. Which explains the reason why there are continuous and increasing human rights violations?
A. The United Nation’s General Assembly approved only resolutions on human rights and
the basic freedoms which are not binding
B. The solutions used are ineffective.
C. The United Nations as an international body is rather slow in the exercise of its powers
D. The United Nations uses as a single solution on all forms of human rights violations.
33. In an experiment, a vacuum is created when air is removed from a tube. A coin and bits of
confetti are released in the vacuum at the same time. They fall at the same rate and reach the
bottom at the same time. The experiment proves that
In a vacuum, the rate of accelerator is the same for all objects regardless of weight.
Outside a vacuum air resistance is what makes different objects fall at different rates.
Gravity has no effect at all on objects that fall in a vacuum.
A. I and II
B. I and III
C. I, II and III
D. II and III
34. Thousands of street children in large Brazilian cities were murdered by parliamentary death
squads which includes police officers. What could be the reason why these operations were not
suppressed by the government?
A. Totalitarian governments do not give protection
B. The business people even funded these operations to clean up their streets and
C. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was only lip service
D. To how they treat their people was nobody else’s business.
35. Which of the following procedures used by a farmer is NOT related directly to preventing
A. Contour plowing around a hill
B. Planting more seeds than are necessary to yield a bountiful crop.
C. Planting grass in gullies to act as a filter
D. Planting crops in alternate rows (Strip farming)
36. You buy a new refrigerator for P12,800.00 and make a down payment of P2,500.00. If you
finance the remainder at 8% annually for three years, how much will you actually pay for the
A. P12,190.00
B. P10,309.00
C. none of these
37. 4 1/5
D. P12,772.00
E. P15,272.00
or 4 1/5 + 3 2/7 = __________.
+ 3 2/7
A. 7 3/12
B. 7 3/35
C. 7 17/35
D. 7 1/35
E. none of these
38. In which kingdom should MOLD be classified?
A. Protista
B. Plantae
C. Fungi
D. Animalia
39. Which of the following BEST demonstrates the greenhouse principle?
A. A heated aquarium
B. A car with rolled-up windows
C. A microwave oven
D. A solar battery-powered calculator
40. Which of the following should you expect to be true about the rate of cellular respiration for a
group of students who are the same age, height, and weight?
Athletes would tend to have higher rates of cellular respiration than nonathletes.
Africans would have higher rates of cellular respiration than Asians.
Boys would have a higher rates of cellular respiration than girls.
Nonathletes would have higher rates of cellular respiration than Athletes.
41. Which kingdom should STREPTOCOCCUS be classified?
A. Protista
B. Plantae
C. Fungi
D. Monera
42. What is the function of DIFFUSION in the human body?
Regulates blood flow
Plays an insignificant role in the body’s functioning
Allows an even distribution of substances throughout all cells of the body
Comes into play in times of extreme illness
43. In an experiment, a drop of blue ink is placed on the surface of a glass of water. In a few
minutes, the drop of ink is dispersed throughout the water, turning it light blue. The result of the
experiment proves that
molecules of ink and molecules of water are in constant motion
heat causes the ink to disperse
a new compound is formed by the combination of ink and water
ink molecules have less density than water molecules
44. Which Law of force and motion explains this occurrence, when a rocket is propelled upward by
the powerful downward discharged of exhaust gases?
A. Universal Gravitation
B. Action and Reaction
C. Applied Force
D. Inertia
45. An elderly woman suffered a stroke-a restriction of blood flow to the brain. if the stroke
caused to the right side of her body to become temporarily paralyzed, she most likely
experienced a decreased blood flow to
A. the left side of her body
B. the front of her brain
C. the left side of her brain
D. the right side of her brain
46. Which of the following methods can all diabetics control their condition and avoid heart
disease and blindness?
Regulates their intake of glucose
Increase the levels of insulin in the body by taking insulin injections
Maintaining a reasonable exercise regimen to keep weight down
A. I
C. I and II
D. I and III
47. Scientist also find that other stalky vegetables such as carrots also help lower pressure. This
statement is BEST classified as
A. experiment
B. nonessential fact
C. finding
D. prediction
48. Each of the following objects is designed to employ the buoyancy principle EXCEPT a
A. life preserver
B. kite
C. submarine
D. canoe
49. What is the difference between the largest 4-digit number and the smallest 4-digit numbers?
A. 8999
B. 8000
C. 9998
D. 8888
E. none of these
50. Four mangoes cost P29.00 at that price what will 2½ dozen mangoes cost?
A. P217.50
B. P188.50
C. P348.50
D. P870.00
E. none of these
51. Which of the following internal forces interrupt the external forces erosion?
Forces that cause volcanoes
Forces that cause ocean trenchers
Forces that cause create mountains
A. I, II and III
B. I and III
C. II and III
D. I and II
52. The How many gallons of water will fill a fish tank that is 18 inches by 12 inches by 48 inches
(There are 231 cubic inches per gallon) Round your answer to the nearest gallon.
A. 45 gallons
B. 40 gallons
C. none of these
D. 47 gallons
E. 37 gallons
53. What is the sum of all the two digit numbers which are divisible by 5?
A. 945
B. 950
C. 960
D. 1050
E. none of these
54. How many whole numbers can divide 30 exactly?
A. Eight
B. Six
C. Five
D. Four
E. none of these
55. Which one explains why oxygen, a gas is the largest component of the Earth’s crust?
Oxygen gives Earth’s crust its lightness
Oxygen is the most abundant element in the world
Oxygen is capable of combining with most of the elements in the Earth’s crust
Oxygen is needed to sustain all life on Earth
56. To pass the English Test, Lucille must get 75% of the items correct. Out of 80 questions, how
many must she correctly answer?
A. 55
B. 60
C. none of these
D. 65
E. 70
57. Employees at Shaira’a Musicmart get a 20% discount on all purchases. If Teresa buys three
tapes at P47.49 each. How much will she have to pay after her employee discount?
A. P16.98
B. P19.98
C. P18.98
D. P17.98
E. none of these
58. One package is 100 pounds, and the other is 150 pounds. The weight of the second package is
how many times of the first?
A. 1 ½ times heavier
B. ½ as heavy
C. none of these
D. 10 pounds heavier
E. 20 pounds heavier
59. A carpenter wanted three piece of wood each 1 5/8 feet long. If he planned to cut them from a
6-foot piece of wood, how much of the piece would be left?
A. 4 3/8 ft
B. 1 1/8 ft
C. 4 7/8 ft
D. 3 ft
E. none of these
60. How much larger is the supplement of a 57 degree angle than the complement of a 75 degree
A. 108 degrees
B. 18 degrees
E. 105 degrees
C. none of these
D. 123 degrees
61. If a baseball player hits 10 home runs in the first 45 games, at the same rate how many home
runs can he expect to hit during 162-games season?
A. 38
B. 42
C. 36
D. 40
E. none of these
62. Which are the next three terms in the progression 1/125, -1/25, 1/5…7 terms?
A. –2,6,-26
B. –3,7,-27
C. –4,8,-28
D. –1,5,-25
E. none of these
63. How many ways can a committee of 4 people be selected from a group of 7 people?
A. 35
B. 70
C. 140
D. 210
E. none of these
64. Which is the length of the hypotenuse of a right triangle with legs 5 inches and 12 inches?
A. 17 in.
B. 13 in.
C. 11 in.
D. 20 in.
E. none of these
65. Which of the following is the BEST example of self-preservation?
A mouse runs when it sees a cat.
A dog barks when it sees its owner
A Man decide to quit smoking
A salmon swims back to the place of its birth to lay eggs.
66. A meter was cut at the 35-cm mark. What is the ratio of the smaller piece to the larger piece?
A. 7:13
B. 65:35
C. 35:100
D. 65:100
E. none of these
67. The hypotenuse of a triangle is 25 feet. If one leg is 24 feet, what is the length of the other leg?
A. 6 ft
B. 5 ft
C. 20 ft
D. none of these
E. 7ft
Which is the equivalent common fraction of the repeating decimal 3.242424…?
A. 107/33
B. 110/33
C. 109/33
D. 108/33
E. none of these
Tides, caused by the moon’s gravity, create a fractional force that is gradually slowing down
Earth’s rotational speed. One million years from now, scientist may discover that compared to
today, Earth’s
A. day is longer
B. year is shorter
C. day is shorter
D. year is longer
How much topsoil is needed to cover a garden 25 feet by 40 feet to a depth of 6 inches?
A. 480 cuft
B. 440 cuft
C. 500 cuft
D. none of these
E. 460 cuft
A car dealer is offering a rebate of P7,500.00 on any new-car purchase. If the purchase price of
a car is P200,000.00 more than it was last year. What is the rate of the discount offered by the
A. 10%
B. not enough information is given
C. 7.5%
D. 13.3%
E. 14.2%
In the progression 18, -12,8……which term is 512/729?
the 8th
the 6th
C. the 9th
D. the 7th
E. none of these
Which of the following facts support the big bang theory’s explanation of the creation of the
The universe does not expand nor contract.
The universe seldom expand.
The universe will have background radiation.
The universe has no beginning nor end.
Mr. Garcia owns a 10½ hectares tract of land. He plans to subdivide this tract into ¼ hectare
lots. He must first set aside 1/6 of the total land roads. How many lots will this tract yield?
A. 30
B. 35
Find m in the proportion m/12=30/24.
A. 30
B. 15
C. 42
D. 45
E. none of these
C. 20
D. 25
E. none of these
If P75,000 is shared among three children in the ratio of 3:7;15, the size of the smaller share is?
A. P9
B. P15
C. P25
D. P35
E. none of these
In how many ways can you arrange three mathematics books (Algebra, Geometry,
Trigonometry) in order on shell?
C. 12
D. 24
E. none of these
Which are the next three terms in the progression 1,4,16…8 terms?
Which one should be TRUE is Earth’s rotational axis not tilt?
Days and nights would be the same length everywhere on Earth.
There would be no hours of darkness on points along the equator
Earth would have no seasons.
Each part of the Earth would have the same daily temperature pattern
A. II and IV
B. III and IV
C. 66,258,1026
D. 65,257,1025
E. none of these
C. IV and I
D. I and III
The carat is a unit of measure used to weight precious stones. It equals 3.086 grains. How
many grains does 2.8 carat diamond weigh?
A. 864.08
B. 86.408
C. 8.6408
D 5640.8
E. none of these
81. Robert Frost wrote the poem “Acquainted with the Night” from which the stanza is taken:
I have been one acquainted with the night.
I have walked out in rain-back in rain.
I have outwalked the farthest city light.
The poet in the stanza talks of
A. isolation and loneliness.
B. happiness in having been acquainted with the night.
C. joy getting out of the house.
D. youthful delight playing in the rain.
82. What is meant by AT SIX AND SEVENS in this sentence?
We moved into the house last week, but I’m afraid everything is still at six and sevens.
A. The things have not been shipped
B. In a state of confusion
C. In an orderly manner
D. The boxes are still intact
83. Sa “Espiritu ni Bathala ang nangangalaga ng kanilang kalusugan” ang ipinahihiwatig na
katangian ay _______.
A. malinis
B. mabisa
C. maliksi
D. makapangyarihan
84. The stanza below is taken from “Barter” by Sara Teasdale
Life has loneliness to sell,
Music like a curve of gold,
Scent of pine trees in the rain,
Eyes that love you, arms that hold,
And for your spirit’s still delight,
Holy thoughts that star the night.
To what does Teasdale compare music?
A. The scent of pine trees
B. A curve of gold
C. Eyes that love
D. The rain
85. Which word ends with [S] pronounced [Z]?
A. Maps
B. Jokes
C. Laughs
D. Buys
86. Which of the following lines is a simile?
A. “Holding wonder like a cup”
B. “Life has loneliness to sell”
C. “Eyes that love you, arms that hold”
D. “Buy it ang never count the cost”
87. Which is the BEST WAY to write the underlined portion of this sentence? A person should keep
in mind some basic safety rules when you are deciding whether or not to use a fire extinguisher.
A. Rules you decide
B. Rules when you decided
C. Rules you are deciding
D. Rules when deciding
88. What is meant by the expression TO GET BLOOD OUT OF A STONE in this
Geraldo has owned me fifty thousand pesos for over a year now. I‘ve asked him for it
on several occasions, but it’s like trying to get blood out of a stone.
A. Something is impossible.
B. Someone refuses to cooperative.
C. Someone is willing to give what is asked.
D. Someone wants revenge.
89. What correction should be made to this sentence? First born often pattern their behavior after
they’re parents and other adults.
A. Replace their to they’re
B. Change pattern to patterned
C. Replace they’re to their
D. No correction is necessary
90. What is meant by SOFT OPINION in this sentence?
Rebecca realized that if she stayed in her present job it would mean competing with an
envious rival. Leaving the company would probably be a soft option.
A. An action that is difficult to take
B. An action that is not agreeable
C. An action that is easier
D. An action that is weakly funded
91. What correction should be made to this sentence? Most State tourism departments and some
travel agencies have bed and breakfast listings.
A. Insert a comma after agencies
B. Change have to has
C. Change tourism to Tourism
D. Change State to state
92. What is suggested in the opening line?
June 13, 1986-they came from all over America- 200,000 heroes strong, with their families.
The writer holds great admiration for the veterans
The writer was a veteran of the war
The writer is opposed to the Vietnam War
The writer is a flag-waving patriot
93. To gain the attention of the audience, the trick is __________.
A. start low, speak hurriedly
B. start high, speak loudly
C. start high, speak rapidly
D. start low, speak slowly
94. What correction should be made to this sentence? Recently, educators exammined the effectiveness
of computer instruction in schools.
A. Replace educators with educator’s
B. Change the spelling of exammined to examined
C. Change schools to Schools
D. Replace computer with computer’s
95. Which is BEST WAY to write the underlined portion of this sentence?
There is smoke detectors in many homes to warm residents of a fire, but fire extinguishers can
actually help people fight fires.
A. They’re is
B. Their is
C. Their are
D. There are
What do the following lines CONVEY?
Midnight, not a sound from the pavement.
Has the moon lost her memory?
She is smiling alone.
In the lamp light the withered leaves
Collect at my feet
And the wind begins to moan.
A. Confusion
B. Optimism
What correction should be made to this sentence?
Most fire-related death’s result from households fries, yet many people do not have fire
extinguishers in their homes.
A. Remove the comma after fires
B. Change result to results
C. Loneliness
D. Eagerness
C. Change have to has
D. Replace death’s with deaths
Which verb in the sentence is pronounced with the ending as [d]?
They laughed and joked as they walked and played.
A. Joked
B. Laughed
C. Walked
D. Played
Which of the following words DOES NOT contains the [voiceless th]?
A. Mouth
B. Breath
C. Teeth
D. Health
100. Which is the BEST way to write the underlined portion of this sentence?
However, their VCR kept them from missing their favorite prime time shows.
A. Keepes
B. Keeps
C. Had kept
D. Keeped
101. Which is the BEST way to write the underlined portion of this sentence?
Researchers also speculate that some teachers might have given boys more computer time
because parents and teachers expected boys to need computers for future careers.
A. Will expect
B. Expected
C. Will have expected
D. Expecting
102. Which word contain the [ae] sound?
A. Carriage
B. Cabin
C. Castle
D. Can
103. What correction should be made to this sentence?
One of their theories is that the first child receives more of the parents’ attention than other
children so first-borns tend to be more intellectual.
A. Change is to are
B. Insert a comma after children
C. Change parents to parent’s
D. Change theories to theory’s
104. What is meant by LAST DITCH in this sentence?
The aged bishop prepared to fight to the last ditch to defend his good name.
A. One’s last courage
B. One’s last strategy
C. One’s last hope
D. One’s last defense
105. Which is the BEST way to write the underlined portion of this sentence?
Recently psychologists have been researching birth order, their research suggests that
personality and intelligence are based partly on where a child ranks in the family.
A. Order, Their
B. Order and their
C. Order, or their
D. Order, their
106. What is meant by TWO PINS in this sentence?
For two pins I could have hit him on the nose.
A. A second course of action
B. Without much persuading
C. The second chance
D. Have a second alternative choice
107. Which is the BEST way to write the underline portion of this sentence?
The hosts also benefit from running such a business because they can stay at home make
money, and meeting a variety of people.
A. Get to meet
B. To meet
C. And meet
D. And be meeting
108. Which is the BEST way to write the underlined portion of the sentence
The studies revealing that, for various reasons, girls spent less time working with computers
than boys.
C. Studies’ revelations
D. Studies will reveal
A. Revealing studies
B. Studies revealed
109. Which word contains the voiced Th?
A. Thank
B. These
C. Think
D. Thing
110. Which word is read on a high note to describe the kind of day?
This is a cold day.
A. Is
B. Cold
C. Day
D. This
111. What is the mood of these lines?
Daylight, I must wait for the sunrise
I must think of a new life
And I mustn’t give in.
When the dawn comes
Tonight will be a memory, too
And a new day will begin.
A. Afraid
B. Sarcastic
C. Depressed
D. Hopeful
112. Which is the BEST way to write the underlined portion of this sentence?
However, if a fire extinguisher is handy, a quick-thinking person often can use them to put out
small fire.
A. They
B. Him
C. Them
D. It
113. What correction should made to the sentence?
Buying fire extinguisher knowing how to use it, and placing it in a location familiar to all family
members can help protect families against fire.
A. Insert a comma after extinguisher
B. Change the spelling of families to familys
C. Change placing to place
D. Insert a comma after help
114. Which one is the right to human dignity?
Choose the goals and means of development
Share in scientific and technological advances of the world
Right to information
Sovereignty over our natural resources
115. Which antidote would have a similar effect if vinegar or citrus juice were not available?
A. Milk
B. Raw egg white
C. Vegetable oil
D. Water
116. Which method of reproduction provides for the most variety of offspring?
A. Cloning
B. Sexual reproduction
C. Asexual reproduction
D. Cellular reproduction
Spouses Jose S. Luz and Celerina Luz filed a petition to adopt Gregorio Luz Ona, their nephew.
The spouses are childless and they reared from his birth 1971 until 1975 and they continue to
support him. Gregorio had to be left in the Philippines when the spouse went to the United
States where Jose is employed. The MSSD recommended the adoption to the court on the
premise that petitioners are in a better position to provide for the minor child than the natural
parents who are impoverished.
What could be the possible decision of the court on he petition?
A. The court denied the petition because the spouses are already aliens.
B. The petition for adoption was granted because the court finds that it is to the best interest
of the child.
C. The petition for adoption was denied because the spouses are non-residents of the
D. The court denied the petition on the premise that the trial custody required by PD 603
cannot be effected for spouses are non-residents.
The undeclared war in Korea most closely resembled the situation of
A. The Spanish-American War
B. Vietnam War
C. World War I
D. World War II
Which is the MOST important perceived need and problem of the Filipino family?
A. Unemployment or financial problem
B. Proveness to vices
C. Protectiveness of children
D. Double standard on the roles of male and female
Which has become a prototype of other schemes that defeated the real and true purpose of the
A. The conversion of farmlands to industrial complexes
B. The stocks option scheme of Hacienda Luisita
C. The conversion from agriculture to subdivision
D. The voluntary offer to sell
Carolina Diaz filed a petition for habeas corpus against Mr. and Mrs. Ramon Alde to recover
custody of Lina Diaz Tan alias "Gracia Alde,” the natural daughter of Carolina Diaz, who was a
What could be the possible action of the court on the petition filed by Carolina Diaz?
A. Her petition would be granted because she now works as a clerk in a prestigious office.
B. Her petition would be denied because she was a former hostess.
C. Her petition would be denied because when Gracia was given to the Aldes it was
tantamount to abandonment of the child, resulting to termination of parental authority.
D. Her petition would be granted because she is the natural mother.
Why did the register of deeds charge Lucio Cruz registration fee the instrument relative to his
A. His loan was 30,000.00
B. His loan was P60,000.00
C. His loan was P50,000.00
D. His loan was P40,000.00
123. Which one BEST defines personal integrity?
A. The unity between ignorance and reality
B. The unity of man’s deeds, words, thoughts and realities
C. The unity of mans social, political and physical aspects
D. The relationship between virtue and conduct
124. Which of the following ethnocentric behavior?
A. A tourist who lectures his foreign hosts on the “uncivilized” nature of their marriage
B. A student who tutors an immigrant in English
C. A Hispanic community group demands that public aid forms be published in English and
D. A peace Corps volunteer who helps dig wells in Central Africa
125. Which one is the right to human dignity?
A. Political independence
B. Honor and reputation
C. Form association
D. Social and economic reforms
126. Where would you commit a drug dependent for him to achieve a natural, tensionless, and anxietyfree state?
D. Bukang Liwayway Center
127. Mary Rose, an 18 year old was sexually abuse by 3 teenagers from well-to-do families from
Makati. Despite pressures, she came out into the open to get justice. Which need did Mary Rose
A. Need for family unity
C. Need for universal solidarity
B. Need for civic responsibility D. Need for personal integrity
128. 10
- 3 2/7
10-3 2/17= __________
A. 7 2/17
B. 6 2/17
C. 6 1/17
D. 6 15/17
E. none of these
129. At which time during the year does the ozone level present a particular health threat in urban
areas for people with respiratory problem?
A. Spring
B. Fall
C. Summer
D. Winter
130. What day follows the day before yesterday if 2 days from now will be Sunday?
A. Tuesday
B. none of these
C. Saturday
D. Wednesday
E. Thursday
131. Which is the BEST evidence that helium gas is lighter than air?
A. Helium has the lowest boiling point of all elements.
B. Helium atoms do not combine with other air atoms.
C. Helium-filled balloons rise in air.
D. By volume, helium makes up only 0.0005% of air.
132. During a recent shopping spree, Tomas and Nena bought some new accessories for their
apartment. Nena choose a crocheted throw pillow at P24.95, and Tomas purchased a rural
landscape painting for P135.00. How much did they actually spend if they paid 7% sales tax on
their purchases?
A. P 171.15
B. P 139.25
C. none of these
D. P 159.95
E. P 148.75
133. Which location will have most nearly twelve hours of daylight and twelve hours of darkness
during December? A town that is located
A. halfway between the equator and South Pole
B. close to equator
C. close to the North Pole
D. close to the South Pole
134. A nation in which loess would likely to be found today is
no answer
A. Iceland
C. Japan
B. United States
D. Ecuador
135. It was also discovered that the chemical 3m butylphthalide can lower the blood pressure of rats.
This statement is classified as ________.
A. prediction
B. experiment
C. finding
D. nonessential fact
136. Which is NOT among the hazardous effects of water pollution to health?
The epidemic threat of hepatitis and dysentery
The increase incidence of liver cancer
The dumping of mercury in the sea causing blindness, brain damage or death
The presence of certain bacteria in the digestive tract causing methemoglobinemia
137.Without the process of meiosis, we can infer that offspring from sexual reproduction would
have a high degree of genetic variety
have twice assigned number of chromosomes
be identical
have a number of mutations.
138. The Jones family has four children, all girls. The fifth child born is a boy. This change is the
result of
A. conception classes takes by the parents
B. the timing of fertility cycles.
C. the father’s contribution of a “Y” chromosomes.
D. the “law of averages” finally catching up.
139. Which of the following will occur if a cold bottle of soda is left open on a kitchen counter?
The pressure that the soda exerts on the bottle will increase.
The temperature of the soda will decrease.
The amount of dissolved carbon dioxide gas will decrease
The amount of dissolved carbon dioxide gas will remain the same.
140. What do you predict will happen when you bring two bar of magnets closer together?
They will repel each other.
They will create an alternating current.
Nothing will happen.
They will attract each other.
141. A tightly coiled spring demonstrate?
A. Steam energy
B. Kinetic energy
C. Potential energy
D. Chemical energy
142. What does a stick of unlit dynamite demonstrate?
no answer
A. Chemical energy
C. Kinetic Energy
B. Nuclear Energy
D. Potential Energy
143. Which is the main goal of drug abuse education?
A. Arrest
B. Prevention
C. Control
D. Rehabilitation
Situation 1 – Below is the poem written by Edgar Lee Masters in 1915:
At first I suspected something __________
She acted so calm and absent-minded.
And one day I heard the back door shut,
As I entered the front, and I saw him slink
Back of the smokehouse into the lot,
And across the filed.
And I meant to kill him on sight.
But that day, walking near Fourth Bridge,
All of a sudden I saw him standing,
Scared to death, holding his rabbits,
And all I could say was, “Don’t, Don’t Don’t,”
As he aimed and fired at my heart/
144. Who is the speaker of this poem?
A. Tom Merritt
B. Merritt’s wife
C. God
D. The sheriff
145. The way in which the poet present these words in line 12 implies that Tom
tried to annoy the other man.
was shot before he finished the statement
did not want to hurt the other man.
begged the man to stop seeing his wife.
146. The poet introduces the poem with lines 1-3 to show us that Tom Merritt
A. had suspected that his wife was seeing another man
B. was sure that his wife was ill
C. was a very suspicious person
D. was sure that his wife still loved him
147. Which of the following techniques is used in the poem?
A. Verse
B. Rhyme
C. Free verse
D. Personification
Situation 2 – below is an excerpt from John F. Kennedy’s “Inaugural Address.” Read the
excerpt and answer the questions that follows
In your hands, my fellow citizens, more than mine, will rest the final success or failure of our
course. Since this country as founded, each generation of Americas has been summoned to give
testimony to its national loyalty. The graves of young Americans into answered the call to service
surround the globe.
Now the trumpet summons us again-not as a call to bear arms, though arms we need, not as a
call to battle, though embattled we are; but a call to bear the burden of a long twilight struggle, year in
and year out, “rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation,” a struggle against the common enemies of
many tyranny, poverty, disease, and war itself.
Can we forge against these enemies a grand and global alliance, North and South, East and
West, that can assure a more fruitful life for all mankind? Will you join me in this historic effort?
In the long history of the world, only a few generations have been granted the role of defending
freedoms in its hour of maximum danger. I do not shrink responsibility; I welcome it. I do not believe
that any of us would exchange places with any other people with any other people or any other
generation. The energy, the faith, the devotions which we bring to this endeavor will light our country
and all who serve it, and the glow from that fire can truly light the world.
And so, my fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do
for your country.
My Fellow citizens of the world, ask not what America will do for you, but what together we
can do for the freedom of man.
148. One of the purposes of the speech is to motivate listeners to
A. serve their country
B. enlist the armed forces
C. prepare themselves for battle
D. preserve the right to bear arms
149. The speech is characterized by all of the following stylistic devices
A. the use of the personal pronouns we and us to build rapport with listeners
B. catchy turns of phase in which subjects and objects are inverted
C. a standard, predictable rhythm and the use of rhyme
D. the repetition of key words
150 The tone of the speech can BEST be characterized as
A. sad
B. uplifting
C. light-hearted
D. sarcastic
151. In the speech, Kennedy paints a picture of the United States as a nation that is
A. longing to return to the past C. struggling to survive
B. on the brink of world war
D. the leading defender of freedom
Situation 3 – Below is a Boigraphical sketch of an American movie writer:
How did Elvis Presley Achieve Recognition
Success often comes to those with humble beginnings. Elvis Aaron Presley was born on
January 8, 1935 in Tupelo, Mississippi. He first sang in a church anf taught himself to play the guitar,
but he never learned to read music. By 1953, he had moved to Memphis, Tennessee, graduated from
high school. And enrolled in night school to become an electrician. That year, at Sun Records, Presley
recorded a personal record for his mother, a song that was heard by the company’s president. As a
result of the president’s recognition Presley’s first record “That’s All Right Mama,” was out in 1954.
He toured the South, and in 1955 five of his record were released simultaneously. His first
national television appearance was that year of Jackie Gleason’s “The Stage Show.” But Presley
became known for his appearance on “The Ed Sullivan Show,” where young singer gyrated as he sang
“rock n’ roll” music. During the live television performance, Presley wad photographed only from the
waist up because his motions were considered obscene.
“Elvis the Pelvis” began his film career in 1956 with LOVE ME TENDER and signed a longterm film contract. The movie critics were not always kind, but teenagers flocked to Presley’s films.
Within a few short years, Presley had established a career that would span twenty-five years of ups and
down and make him one of the most popular entertainers in history. Long after his untimely death at
age 42, Presley would be remembered as “The King of Rock n Roll.”
152. The author uses the phrase ups and downs to refer to Presley’s
A. gyrations as performed
B. increasing and decreasing finances
C. successes and disappointments in his career
D. use of drugs, “uppers and downers”
153. The main idea of the sketch is that
A. singers are more successful if they appear in films
B. there has always been obscenity on television
C. opportunity and luck are often as important as hard work
D. celebrities are usually more famous after their death
154. The last sentence reveals that the author’s attitude toward Presley
is one of
A. indifference
B. admiration
C. disbelief
D. disgust
155. The statement that ”success often comes to those with humble beginnings” would apply best to
which of the following figures?
A. Ramon Magsaysay
B. Gloria M. Arroyo
C. Corazon C. Aquino
D. Joseph Estrada
Situation 4- The poem below is entitled “Suburban Prophecy” which is
written by Howard Nemerov
On Saturday, the power-mowers’ whine
Begins the morning. Over this neighborhood
Rises the keening, petulant voice, begin
Green oily teeth to chatter and munch the cud.
Monster, crawling the carpets of the world,
Still send from underground against your blades
The roots of things battalions greens and curled
And tender, that will match your blades with blades
Till the revolted throats shall strangle on
The tickle of their dead, till straws shall break
Crankshafts like camels, and the sun go down
On dinosaurs in swamps. And night attack
Follows and by the time the Sabbath dawns
All armored beasts are eaten by their lawns.
156. To what does the phrase “your blades” in line 8 refer?
A. Lawmowers
C. Carpets
B. Roots
D. Monster
157. The poet’s use of words such as whine, voice, teeth, chatter and munch is to suggest that the
power-mowers are
A. very powerful
C. like cows
B. alive
D. green
158. The imagery in the first stanza appeals to the reader’s sense of
A. sight
C. smell
B. touch
D. hearing
159. How long does the action of poet take place?
A. A week
B. Twenty-four hours
C. An Afternoon
D. A morning
Situation 5 – Ang sumusunod ay isang talumpati na may pamagat na SA KABATAAN
na isinulat ni Onofre Pagsanghan
Isa sa mga salitang napag-aralan natin sa wikang Pilipino ay salitang NABANSOT. Kapag ang
isang bagay daw ay dapat pang lumaki ngunit ito’y tumigil na sa paglaki, ang bagay na ito raw ay
NABANSOT. Marami raw uri ngpagkabansot ngunit ang pinakamalungkot na uri raw ay ang ng
isipan, ng puso at ng diwa.
Ang panahon ng kabataan ay panahon ng pagklaki, ngunit ang ating paglaki ay kailangang
paglaki at pag-unlad ng ating buong katauhan. Hindi lamang ng atinmg sukat at timbang. Kung gaposte man ang ating at ga-pison man angating bigat ngunit kung ang pag-iisip namat nati’y ga-kulisap
lamang kay pangit na kabansutan. Kung tumangkad man tayong tangkad-kawayan at bumilog man
tayong bilog-tapayan, ngunit kung tayo nama’y tulad ni “bondying” ay di pagkatiwalaan anong laking
kakulangan. Kung magkakatawan tayong katawang “Tarza” at mapatalas ang ating isipang sintalas ng
kay Rizal, ngunit kung ang ating kalooban nama’y itim na duwende ng kasamaan anong kapinsalaan
para sa kinabukasan.
Kinabukasan, kabataan, tayo raw ang pag-asa ng inang Bayan. Tayo raw ang maghahatid sa
kanya sa lagnit ng kaganaan at karangalan o hihila sa kanya sa putik ng kahirapan at kahihiyan. Ang
panahon ng pagkilos ay ngayon, hindi bukas, hindi sa isang taon. Araw-araw ay tumatawid tayong
palangit o bumabaluktod tayong paputik. Tamang-tama ang sabi ng ating mga ninunong kung ano
raw ang kinamihasnan ay siyang pagkakatandaan. Huwag nating akalaing makapagpapabaya tayo ng
ating pag-aaral ngayon at sa araw ng bukas ay bigla tayong maging mga dalubhasang magpapaunlad sa
bayan. Huwag nating akalaing makapaglulublob tayo ngayon sa kalaswaan at kahalayan at sa
mahiwagang araw ng bukas bigla tayong magiging ulirang mga magulang.
Kabataan, tunay na pag-ibig sa bayan, ang tunay na nasyonalismo, ay wala sa tamis ng
pagnarap wala rin sa pagpag ng dila. Ang tunay na pag-ibig ay nasa pawis ng gawa.
160. Alin salita ang paulit-ulit na binabangit ni Onofre Pagsanghan?
A. Nabansot
B. Bayan
C. Kabataan
D. Kung
161. Sa alin makikita ang tunay na NASYONALISMO?
A. Diwa
B. Gawa
C. Sulat
D. Salita
162. Bakit di dapat tumangkad tulad ni “bondying”?
A. Di ito mapagkakatiwalaan
B. Di totoo ito
C. May kakulangan ito
D. Magulo kasi ito
163. Alin sa mga sumususnod ang mensahe ng taluimpati?
A. Ang mataas na paniniwala at taimtim na pananalig ay
kailangang taglayin upang ang hangarin sa buhay ay ating kamtin.
B. Ang panahon ng kabataan ay panahon ng paglaki at
pagbabagong makabuluhan.
C. Ang gawa ang siyang sukat ng kadakilaan.
D. Ang kabataan ay siyang pag-asa ng bayan.
164. Anong tayutay ang tinutukoy nito?
Durog ang katawang bumagsak sa semento si Miguel
A. Pagtutulad
B. Pagbibigay katauhan
C. Pagmamalabis
D. Pagwawangis
165. Anong aral ang ibinibigay ng sumususnod na salawikain?
“Ang taong napapailalim ay naipapaibabaw rin.”
A. Maaring ngayon ay hirap pagdating ng bukas ay may ginhawa rin
B. Tiyak ang pag-unlad kapag nauna ang hirap
C. Kung ano ang ibig natin ay mangyayari
D. Magtiis kung dumarating ang hirap.
166. Sa aling salita magkakaroon ng saglit na paghinto kung pinapilitang si Rose ang nakabasag ng
Hindi si Rose ang nakabasag ng pinggan.
A. Rose
B. Pinggan
C. Hindi
D. Nakabasag
167. Alin ang naayong pamagat sa tanagang sinulat ni Jose Villa Panganiban?
Ano man sa daigdig,
Maaring magamit,
Ano mang masaisip;
Di sukat maiipit.
A. Pagkainip
B. Paraya
C. Pag-asa
D. Pagbibigay
168. Ano ang ipinahihiwatig ng salitang may salungguhit?
Matayog ang lipad ni Pepe kaya’t bata pa siya’y nagsisikap na siya.
A. May kayabangan si Pepe.
B. Mataas ang pangarap ni Pepe.
C. Marunong si Pepe.
D. Ibig ni Pepeng maabot ang langit.
169. Alin antas ng tono ng lumilitaw sa bahaging may salungguhit ng pangungusap na nagdududa?
Nagpuputol ng puno ang lalaki.
A. 1
B. 2
C. 4
D. 3
170. Alin ang kahulungan ng AGAW-BUHAY?
A. Masiglang-masigla
B. Malapit ng mamatay
C. Pagpapatuloy ng buhay
D. Mahirap na buhay
171. Kaninong tula hango ang sumusunod?
“Ang hindi magmahal sa sariling wika mahigit sa hayop at malansang isda”
A. Jose Rizal
B. Emilio Jacinto
C. Apolinario Mabini
D. Graciano Lopez Jaena
172.Ano ang pinakaangkop na kahulugan nito?
“Nagsasaya tayo ngayon sapagkat ang inyong namatay na kapatid ay muling nabuhay;
ang nawawala ay muling nakita.”
A. Ang pagbabalik ay dapat ipaghanda nang malaki.
B. Ang pagbabago ng kapatid ay dapat pahalagahan.
C. Dapat silang magsaya sa muli nilang pagsasama-sama
D. Ang pagsasama nila ay dahil sa muling pagbabalik ng kapatid.
173. Alin ang kahulugan ng KAHIRAMANG SUKLAY?
A. Kakilala
B. Kaibigan
C. Karibal
D. Kalahi
174. Alin sa mga sumusunod ang aral na ibinibigay ng epikong Muslim
A. Pagmamahal
B. Katapangan
C. Katapatan
D. pagtanaw ng utang-na-loob
175. Alin sa mga salita ang kasingkahulugan ng salitang may salungguhit?
Ang ama ni Anita ay kilalang bulanggugo sa kanilang lalawigan
A. Laging ibinubulong
B. Laging handang gumasta
C. Laging handang makipag-away
D. Laging handang makipagtalo
176. Si Mariano Ponce ay propagandistang may sagisag sa panulat na ________.
A. Tamaraw
B. Tikbalang
C. Kapre
D. Kalapate
Alin ang di karaniwang anyo ng pandiwang HINTAY KA?
A. Tay
B. Tayka
Ano ang kahulugan ng taludtod na ito
“Ang anak mo ay alagaan sa marubdob na pagsuyo sikapin mo sa sarili’y huwag siyang maging
luko talipandas sa paglaki na sa sama marahuyo sa lahi mo’t sa Bayan moy isang tinik sa
A. Mahalin ang anak ng walang hangganan.
B. Tamang pagpapalaki sa anak ang dapat.
C. Suyuin ang anak at ibigay lahat ng hilig.
D. Paligayahin ang tahanan.
Which is the BEST way to write the underlined portion of this sentence?
Many viewers taped shoes to watch later.
A. Tapped
B. had taped
C. Tape
D. Had tapped
Which word in the passage does NOT require a change in pitch to show confidence
“I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.”
A. Am
B. Captain
C. Master
D. Fate
Which pitch is used for the word STRANGE in this sentence?
What a strange story!
A. 3
B. 2
C. 4
D. 1
Carl Sundburg wrote “Jazz Fantasia” which has for its first stanza:
Drum on your dreams, better on your bajos, sob
On the long cool winding saxophones.
Go to it, O jazzmen.
Which words illustrate alliteration
A. Batter and banjos
B. Long and cool
Anong uri ng panghalip ang salitang may salungguhit sa pangungusap?
May padalang tulong ang pamahalaan para sa kanila.
A. Pambalana
B. Palagyo
C. Sob and winding
D. to and it
C. Paari
D. Palayon
Alin uri ng parirala ang may salungguhit sa pangungusap?
Utang sa kanyang sipag at sikap sa paggawa ang kanilang maalwang pamumuhay
A. Pangngalan
B. Pangngalanng-diwa
C. Pawatas
D. Pang-ukol
Sabihin ang aspekto ng pandiwa sa pangungusap na ito.
”Mag-aral sa bahay ng mga araling ukol sa halaman.”
A. Pawatas
B. Kontemplatibo
C. Imperpektibo
D. Perpektibo
Kilalanin ang uri ng pariralang may salungguhit.
Ang pangangalaga sa mga likas na yaman ay tungkulin nating lahat.
A. Pangngalan
B. Pangngalang-diwa
C. Pang-ukol
D. Pawatas
Si Dr. Jose Rizal ay sumulat ng aklat ng itinampok sa ibat ibang bansa.
Ang pangungusap ay nagagamit bilang _______________.
A. panuring
B. pamuno
C. tuwirang layon
D. paksa
188. Lines 11 and 12 are taken from the poem
“maggie and milly and molly and may.”
For whatever lose (like a you or a me)
It’s always ourselves we find in the sea
Which of the following ideas is the author expressing?
A. The sea is a source of life and death.
B. The sea represents all of our moods.
C. The sea is the best place for a person to reflect about life.
D. The sea and its surroundings can give people a fresh view on life.
Nasa anong kaganapan ng pandiwa ang pangungusap?
Naglaro ng basketball sa Rizal Stadium ang koponan ng aming pamantasan.
A. Sanhi
B. Tagaganap
C. Kagamitan
D. Ganapan
Alin antas ng tono ang lumitaw sa bahaging may salungguhit ng pangungusap na
nagsasalaysay? Magbabasa ng mga gawain ang guro
A. 1
B. 3
C. 2
D. 4
Dadalaw sa mga paaralan si Dr. Filemon S. Salas, ang tagapamanihala ng mga paaralang
lungsod, sa lungsod ng Pasay.
Ang pangungusap ay nagagamit bilang _____________.
A. panuring
B. paksa
C. tuwirang layon
D. pamuno
Alin sa mga sumusunod ang aral na ibinigay ng ANG ALAMAT NI MARIANG
MAKILING na ikinuwento ni Jose Rizal?
A. Pagyamanin at pangalagaan ang ating bayan at lahi pagkat hiyas at yaman natin ito.
B. Pag-ibig ang makapagbabago sa mundong ito.
C. Kabanalan ang magpatawad at tulungan ang isang nagkasala.
D. Dahil sa pagmamalabis at pagsasamantala, maraming biyaya ang sa kanyay nawawala.
A Politician wants to get his message to 2/3 of the population of 48,000 in Bulacan. However
advertising campaign reaches only 3/ 4 of the number he intended. How many people does he
actually reach
A. 16,000
B. 10,000
C. 24,000
D. 36,000
E. none of these
Alin sa mga sumusunod ang mensahe ng epiko ng Ilokano na BIAG NI LAM-ANG?
A. Pinatutunayan ng epiko ang yaman ng Ilokano sa lahat ng bagay.
B. Kailangan paniniwalaan ang ukol sa bisa ng mga anting-anting dahil sa mga pangyayaring
nagpapatunay dito.
C. Dito nagpapatunay na walang kamatayan.
D. Masasalat ang mga katutubong ugali at mga tradisyong dapat pagyamanin at panatilihin upang
pakinabangan ng kabataan.
Alin ang di karaniwang anyo ng pandiwang WINIKAKO?
A. Ikako
B. Wikako
C. Kako
D. Wika ko
The Miranda Family purchased a 250-pound side of beef and had it packaged. They paid
P365.00 for the side beef. During the packaging, 75 lb of beef were discarded as waste. What
was the cost per pound for packaged beef
A. P 2.08 per lb
B. none of these
C. P 2.50 per lb
D. P 2.06 per lb
E. P 2.30 per lb
Which is the sum of the infinite progression 3/2. 1, 2/3, 4/9…?
A. 6 1/2
B. 5 ½
What indoor relative humidity range would probably be comfortable to preventing temperature
and humidity levels are extremely low?
A. 90% to 100 %
B. 60% to 70 %
C. 4 ½
D. 7 ½
E. none of these
C. 20% to 30 %
D. 30% to 40 %
As a representative of the Urban Poor Commission of the Association of Religious Superiors
(ARS), which action will you most likely take to resolve the long-term roots of structural
inequalities-proliferation of child labor and child prostitution?
A. Raise views of human rights abuse.
B. Organize regular programs for information and discussion of human rights.
C. Conduct skills training.
D. Raise questions over government’s commitment to rebuild human rights.
What are the next four numbers in this sequence 8,5,4,9,17_____,_____,____
A. 4,3,2,1
B. 5,4,3,2
C. 6,3,2,0
D. none of these
E. 3,2,1,0
101. A
151. D
102. B
152. C
103. B
153. C
104. D
154. B
105. A
155. A
106. C
107. C
108. B
109. A
110. B
160. C
111. D
161. A
112. D
162. C
113. A
163. D
114. D
164. C
115. A
165. A
116. B
166. C
117. C
167. C
118. B
168. B
119. A
169. C
120. A
170. B
121. D
171. A
122. NO ANSWER 172. B
123. D
173. B
124. C
174. A
125. B
175. B
126. C
176. B
127. D
177. A
128. D
178. B
129. C
179. C
130. E
180. D
131. C
181. A
132. A
182. C
133. B
183. C
134. ?
184. A
135. C
185. B
136. C
186. B
137. B
187. D
138. C
188. D
139. C
189. D
140. B
190. B
141. C
191. B
142. ?
192. D
143. B
193. C
144. D
194. D
145. A
195. C
146. A
196. A
147. C
197. E
148. A
198. ?
149. B
199. D
150. B
200. D