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QC Kinetix (Lake Norman)

QC Kinetix
(Lake Norman)
About us
Have you been searching the internet and wondering what are the best ways
to get back pain treatment in Davidson? You're not alone. When it comes to
getting rid of back pain, there's no magic cure that you can use. Lower back
pain can be caused by an injury sustained while participating in sports,
exercising, or inadvertently falling. QC Kinetix (Lake Norman) assists people
in regaining a much higher quality of life. Our goal is to restore lower back
muscle use while alleviating any bothersome symptoms. These changes are
made possible by our specialists' use of non-surgical and minimally invasive
procedures. Laser therapy is another popular treatment option. This
treatment, which has been around for nearly two decades, relieves joint and
muscle pain immediately. The laser energy focuses on the damaged area,
causing a photochemical response that speeds up recovery and improves
mobility. With a free consultation today, you can learn more about the
treatment options available at QC Kinetix and how we can help you get rid of
your back pain.
Phone number:
(704) 360-3057
610 Jetton St Suite 214,
Davidson, NC, 28036