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Evaluation for an advertisment

Evaluation for a Shoe Advertisement
When thinking about buying a new shoe, we first look at the style and
design of the shoe; however, Nike didn’t give us the chance to evaluate its
new shoe advertisement displayed on billboards. Nike's new advertisement
was a new and peculiar idea to the people. The advertisement aims to
attract the attention of runners and racers by showing how lightweight their
new shoe is. The advertisement effectively persuades runners to take a
look at the new featherlight 6.2 once racing shoe which would make a
runner forget he is even wearing a shoe! However, I think the way of
displaying the shoe design was quite unclear.
One clever idea of this advertisement is its composition. The attentiongetter of this advertisement is the display of the running shoes.
Surprisingly, there is no image of the shoes. To show how fast and
lightweight the shoes are, Nike just displays the blue laces of the shoes,
without showing the rest of the shoes. The advertisement also offers basic
details about the new Nike Air trainers, mentioning the weight of the shoe,
its material, and its design, and details on how it would fit the foot. A very
small, full image of the trainers is displayed next to the information. Under
the incomplete image, the company wrote “A Racing Shoe Should Be Easy
to Forget”, to help the targeted audience understand the presented image.
Repetition is considered to be a strong point for this advertisement. Given
that the brand is well known, it is likely that its advertisements will be
displayed everywhere. This poster is displayed near basketball fields. It is
also found in areas where marathons are held. The marketing team for the
advertisement is hardworking. The shoes are widely available in various
shops and advertisement is also widely distributed.
As this advertisement has strong points, it also has weak points. One fault
I have noticed about the ad is that it never mentioned the price of the
shoes. The shoe has many merits: good quality, durable and lightweight
material, and excellent design. However, by not mentioning the price, Nike
is repelling its audience from buying the new shoes. Also, the image of the
trainers is unusual yet is not a good idea. If Nike decided to display the full
image of the shoes, it would have been better than just displaying the laces.
Although there is another full image of the shoe in the advertisement, this
image is negligible, even anyone looking at the billboards will not be able
to see it. thinking of another style would have been better than just
removing the whole image of the racing shoes.
The new Nike advertisement is unique, new, and distinctive. The ad’s
display is unusual yet faulty, and I think it would have been better if the
prices were mentioned in the poster; it would have increased the number
of sold shoes and maximized the profits. Writing the material and specific
points about the shoes is also an advantage that makes the ad stand out.