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Practice Problem Set 2

CHE211A: Fluid Mechanics and its applications
1. A single column manometer is connected to a pipe containing a liquid (specific gravity 0.9). Find
the pressure in the pipe if the area of the reservoir is 100 times the area of the tube. The specific
gravity of mercury is 13.6.
2. A heavy car plunges into a lake during an accident and lands at the bottom of the lake on its
wheels. The door is 1.2 m high and 1 m wide, and the top edge of the door is 8 m below the free
surface of the water. Determine the hydrostatic force on the door and the location of the pressure
centre, and discuss if the driver can open the door.
3. Gate AB is 8 ft wide. Compute the water level h for which the gate will start to fall. Hint: Neglect
the weight of the gate.
4. A 6ft diameter drainage conduit is half full of water at rest.
Determine the magnitude and line of action of the resultant force
that the water exerts on a 1 ft length of the curved section BC of
the conduit wall.