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Global Warming Speech

Harrison Kuykendall
Jefferson State Community College
Attention Getter: According to a scholarly article from PNAS.com published March 27th 2017, over
350,000,000 people will be harmed, or even killed by the effects of global warming and carbon
footprints. Should the sea levels rise, many civilizations that reside near the coast may lose a significant
amount of living space, which will effect the economy of that area, and could even effect the birth rate.
Audience Relevance Link: In fact, Alabama itself is extremely close to the coast. Should we allow climate
change to happen without worrying about it, every single one of us in this room would be in danger
from rising water levels.
Credibility Statement: I have gathered hours of research from credible scholarly sources to bring you this
information today. Although there is a lot of controversial information on this, I can guarantee that I
have only gathered the facts and checked back several times to make sure everything cited is true.
Thesis: Today, I’m going to tell you what Global Warming is, What Causes it, What a Carbon Footprint is,
and what our Government can do to fix the problem.
i. What is Global Warming?
a. Climate Change referrers to results of human activity
b. The Greenhouse Effect
c. The Most Important Problem The Environment Currently Faces
d. Global Warming mostly effects icy environments
What Causes Global Warming?
Global Warming Is Caused by Greenhouse Gases
Things such as cars, factories, electricity, etc, cause it
Why it’s dangerous
These actions are results of massive Carbon Footprints
What is a Carbon Footprint?
A Carbon Footprint refers to the amount of “climate change” a certain action has.
Factories, Fossil Fuel Electricity Plants, etc, are examples of big carbon footprints.
The Carbon Footprints we leave
What an increase in carbon footprints will have on the environment.
What The Government Can Do, And What We Can Do
The Government can make cleaner electricity plants.
Make An Effort To Switch To Electric Vehicles
Create More Restrictions for Companies That Produce More Greenhouse Gases
How We Can Reduce Our Personal Carbon Footprint
a. So in conclusion, I have talked about Global Warming, what causes it, what a Carbon
Footprint is, and what we and the Government can do to help.
b. We really only get one chance to live on this planet. According to an article by David
Wallace-Wells, the rising sea levels will cause our cities to drown if nothing changes, and
all of the planet would be next. Once it’s gone, there’s virtually no other inhabitable
planet for us to live on. This is why it’s so important that we protect and take care of
our planet, otherwise future generations will live in a reality where there’s more people
and less places to live. So I hope by giving you this speech today, I have made you more
aware of the effects Global Warming has on this world, and maybe in the future you’ll
try to be more aware of it. Thank you for listening.
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