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Aver having conference with Clara9s parent and found out that she was diagnosed with a learning

After having conference with Clara’s parent and found out that she was diagnosed with
a learning disability. I instantly tried to research about her condition. I know that understanding
her condition will help me create a more pleasant learning environment for her. So, I decided
to modify my instructional materials to be able to attend to her needs.
As per my personal research from the internet, Clara’s problem could be experiencing
DYSPRAXIA.It is a difficulty with organizing and directing the body to perform a motor skill
(movement) needed to carry out the steps in a process and to ensure that a task is performed
in the most efficient way, according to htp://childdevelopment.com.au.
I decided to make my instructional materials more exciting and engaging to get her
attention. I believe that Clara needs more sensory information as it can trigger her interest. I
must include more a tactile (touch), kinesthetics (body position awareness),
ftestibular(balance awareness) and visual information. These different approaches could
surely enhance her interest and could help her start to focus on the lesson. Adding more
engaging activities that would require her attention and participation to the class. I believe that
to be able to get Clara focused on class, I need to provide her with things that could get her
attention and interest. I could start trying to provide her with more visual and colorful
presentation while explaining lesson.