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Core Java Programming
A Hello World Program
Create a simple Java program with Eclipse and learn to debug it.
Use eclipse to check the values in variables.
Using Variables
Public, Private, Protected
While, For, do.. while , if Loops and Switch Case
Methods and Method Parameters
Write a program to showcase different types of variables – use method overloading to add 2 integers, double, bigDecimal and String values.
Strings, String Builder, String Buffer and String Formatting
1. Write a program to concatenate, substring , replace a char at index n .
2. Write a Java Program to find the duplicate characters in a string.
String – “Rammanna”
Duplicate chars are : a, m and n
Static , Final – variables and methods
Write a class named Address which has name, phone and company name.
Use constructor to initialize the above listed fields. Use static / final variable wherever it applies.
Classes and Objects.
Create a structure of your organisation in Java.
extends keyword
implements keyword
Interfaces and Abstract Classes
Write a program which has
Animal (class / interface)
Lion Class
Cat Class
Dog Class
Lion, Cat and Dog class should have inherited/polymorphic method - speak, which should be customised to Roar, Meow or bark.
Object Class - The toString and equals Method
Write a program to compare two objects and check the equality .
Write a program to add the numbers which are on same index of two arrays
Array1 : {2,4,6,8,10}
Array2: {1,2,3,4,5}
Output Array = {3,6,9,12,15}
Casting Numerical Values
Upcasting and Downcasting
Reading Files, processing the data and Writing data to files
Handling Exceptions
Multiple Exceptions
Write a program to read a .csv with numbers in all columns . Add 2 to all the numbers and write to a new .csv file.
Throw and handle exception if it reads 0. Program should not add any number if it reads 0.
Input file Contents are
Output file Content should be
Java Collections
Linked Lists
HashMap: Retrieving Objects via a Key
Write a Java Program to iterate HashMap (Using Iterators)
Deciding Which Collection to Use
Write a program to accept 2 arrays of names and return unique names
Array1 – {Anil,Suresh, Sushma, Ravi, John , Mary}
Array2 -– {Anil,Sunita, Raj, Ravi, John}
The returned list should have no duplicates.
An organisation has salaries ranging from 3 Lakhs to 5.7 Lakhs
Find the number of employees getting salaries in range of 3.0 to 3.9 and 5.0 to 5.9
Input file
Anil , 5.6
Suresh , 3.5
Sushma, 4.2
Ravi, 3.95
John , 4.0
Output :
3 Employees and 1 Employee
Learn basics of :
Using Generics
Generics and Wildcards
Anonymous Classes
Inner Classes
The Scanner class
Write a program to connect to database and execute a select query.
Read resultset data and store in an object and print the values on console.
Select Query
Update Query
Select with conditions from 2 tables
Select with join condition on 2 tables