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Apparel category (F)

Spring summer:
Spring summer should have lighter and smoother fabrics with a
pop of colour for welcoming the bright sun.Though, the use of
whites is prevalent, the designer is free to work with any trend
relating to the seasonal forecast.
Autumn winter:
With the onset of October, the autumn brings in a lot of greys
and dark shades with heavier feel and so, the collections
should have heavier fabrics with bold and bland colour
combinations.Layering can also be done.
Apparel Category
• Resort :
Resort is a year-round season. Collections appropriate for the
entire year and pieces that can be worn through all the
seasons are included.
• Prêt-a-porter :
Generally called as ready to wear collections are designed,
keeping a larger market in consideration. The designs, fabrics
and colours should be used considering widely appreciated
and accepted trends.
• Haute couture :
Haute couture is creation of exclusive custom-fitted clothing,
constructed by hand from start to finish, made from high quality,
expensive, often unusual fabric and sewn with extreme
attention to detail and finished by the most experienced and
capable sewers, often using time-consuming, hand-executed
• Avant-garde
Works which are experimental or innovative, particularly with
respect to art, culture, and politics are considered in this
category. The avant-garde pushes the boundaries of what is
accepted as the norm or the status quo, primarily in the cultural
realm.The collection should include the designers imagination
and should reflect self expression.
• Evening Wear / Cocktail
Evening wear is designed for the formal occasion, generally it is
a part of a dress code for formal event.
• Corporate Wear
Corporate wear comprises of extremely formal attire to be worn
at offices and extremely formal events. These garments needs
to be fuss free and the colors shouldn’t be too loud in order to
restrict distractions.
• Lounge wears:
Loungewear is a collection of garments designed for a very
relaxed ambience. Lounge wear can be designed in various
different directions like sleepwear , intimate apparel and holiday
• Uniform:
Uniform, as the word suggests is designed for class of people
in a similar occupation. It has two prime elements: functional
and aesthetically appeal.
• Bridal wear /festive wear
In this category, garments are created not only for brides and
grooms but also for bridesmaids and best men. These designs
should be more intricate and intense from ethnic wear.
• Ethnic wear:
Ethnic wear consists of garments representing ethnicity of a
region. In Indian context, ethnic comprises of drapes, volume,
and Indian silhouettes.
• Active sportswear :
Active sportswear is designed for a client who is quick, swift
and energetic. Active sportswear is designed, keeping comfort,
flexibility, functionality and aesthetic appeal in mind. Fabrics
should be flexible, stretchable, and durable. Colours should not
be dull instead they should be bright and aspiring to maintain
the energetic attitude. Also the designs shouldn’t be distracting.
• Costume dressing :
Costume dressing means dressing up in coordination to a
certain theme. For ex: Halloween, etc. in this category designer
can explore any aspect of creativity.