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12 Week Transformation Plan PREVIEW

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Your supreme motivation
Start your weerkly log
What do you want to achieve?
No more diets
Build a good relationship with food
Enjoy the process
Recover quickly
Be more active
Stretch more
Make time for yourself
Meditate and breathe
Food basics
Understanding calories
Understanding protein
Understanding processed foods
Eating plan
At home or in the gym?
Gym workouts
Home workouts
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Thank you for buying Fit Media’s 12 Week Total Transformation eBook.
We’re so excited that you decided to start your transformation with us.
This eBook is not just a diet plan and list of exercises – it’s much, much more. We’ve
designed this plan to help you start getting results fast, but most importantly, to
ensure that you have the tools and knowledge to help you lead a healthier lifestyle
way beyond the initial 12 weeks of the eBook.
Let’s begin with a little background information, an overview of what’s coming up
in this eBook and start with thinking about what you want to achieve.
About Fit Media
Ten years ago, we started showcasing workouts and training tips from some of the
world’s best personal trainers and physique models on YouTube. Now, Fit Media
Channel has over one million subscribers and hundreds of millions of views. Every
day our videos inform and inspire people around the world to get into their best
ever shape.
We’ve taken that decade of training experience and coupled it with world-class
nutrition guidance to bring you this 12-Week Total Transformation eBook.
Let’s take a look at what’s coming up in this eBook.
1 2 W E E K T O TA L T R A N S F O R M AT I O N
Four key areas
As we mentioned earlier, this eBook is far more than a diet plan and a set of exercises.
We want you to feel fully prepared to lead a long-term healthier lifestyle.
We’re going to set up a range of principles you can adopt and guidelines you can
follow to make sustainable change to your lifestyle and your body.
This eBook splits your transformation in to four broad components:
To achieve the best results, you need to enjoy the process of your
transformation. We’re not saying that it’s going to be easy, but
there are things you can do and decisions you can take that will
make success far more achievable. We’re going to look at your
motivation for starting this transformation, your relationship
with food and how you can recover quickly from any setbacks
along the way. We’ll help you identify things that haven’t
worked in the past and, most importantly, set a realistic
objective of where you see yourself in three months’ time.
How you spend your day, what
you do in your free time and
how you look after yourself
are going to make a big
difference to your transformation. We
all have things that form the basis of our
schedule – work, childcare, for example.
But making small tweaks to your schedule,
introducing some moments for yourself and being
conscious of your daily activity will be key to your
1 2 W E E K T O TA L T R A N S F O R M AT I O N
With busy lives and a hectic
schedule, we understand that it’s
not always possible to stick to
a rigid diet. That’s why, in this
eBook, we focus on giving you guidelines to
apply and not a strict diet plan. We’ll look at
the basics, such as drinking enough water
and planning a healthy day of eating, as well
as give you essential information about
protein, carbs and fats. We’ve included
some very practical information too, such
as meal ideas, suggestions for replacement
foods and example daily meal plans to give you an
excellent starting point. Over the initial 12 weeks, we’ve included
some nutrition challenges too, to really help you start seeing results fast.
The final section looks at exercise. There are two options available to
you, depending on whether you go to the gym or not. Whichever
you choose, we’ll give you a fully planed routine, increasing with
intensity over the initial 12 weeks.
It’s all about balance
We can’t stress enough how important each of these four components are.
Without the right mindset, you won’t be able make the necessary improvements
to your nutrition. And your training won’t be as effective as it could be if the rest of
your lifestyle doesn’t match up.
Getting a fine balance between these four components is going to be
essential in order to get the best possible results. And that’s what this
eBook is going to help you to achieve.
1 2 W E E K T O TA L T R A N S F O R M AT I O N
What can you expect to achieve?
Everybody who begins their transformation with this eBook will be starting from
a different point in their journey and will have a different end goal in mind too.
In the first section, Mindset, we’ll look at the type of realistic goals you should
set yourself. But in addition to your own personal transformation objectives, we
feel there are some significant things that you’ll achieve along the way, perhaps
without really noticing. We hope that these will stick with you for years to come,
> New ways of thinking about any challenges ahead
> Small changes to your lifestyle to make things more efficient
> A healthier approach to food, way beyond this 12-week plan
> And of course, working towards your own personal transformation
objectives too
We hope you’re ready to start your 12 Week Total Transformation.
Let’s get things started by looking at the mindset you’ll need to adopt to
achieve the best results.
1 2 W E E K T O TA L T R A N S F O R M AT I O N
When you think of what traits successful people have, you might think of
things like education or willingness to take risks. When you see someone with
an aesthetic physique, you might think of their genetics or number of years
training. All these things would be contributing factors, for sure. However, the
overwhelming predictor of success is something that we all have control over
– mindset.
No matter if you’ve been frustrated with a lack of results from things you’ve
already tried or really are at a loss of where to even start – one of the most
significant things you can do is start to believe that you can improve, that you
can overcome setbacks and ultimately, that you can achieve what you set out
In this first section, we’re going to look at how the right mindset can
help you achieve your transformation goals.
1 2 W E E K T O TA L T R A N S F O R M AT I O N
Free Preview - MINDSET
In the full eBook, pages 9 - 19 cover things that you can do to help build a
strong mindset.
1 2 W E E K T O TA L T R A N S F O R M AT I O N
Your lifestyle can have a big impact in your overall ability to achieve your goals.
But what exactly do we mean by lifestyle? We tend to think of it as what you do
in your free time, or to relax.
Many people would acknowledge that they spend a bit too much time watching
TV or scrolling through their social media feeds.
In this section, we take a look at some alternative options for things you
could do the next time you find yourself flicking through Netflix not
being able to decide what to watch.
1 2 W E E K T O TA L T R A N S F O R M AT I O N
Be more active
Being a more active person does not mean you must become a performance
athlete, spending hours in the gym or on the treadmill. Of course, being more
active will depend on your current level of activity. But with many people having
jobs with little or zero physical activity, we think it’s good to have ways to add
in some movement to your day.
Try something like:
> Stretching or yoga when you wake and before you sleep – more on stretching
> 15 minutes walking before breakfast and repeat in the evening after your
last meal – it’s just 30 minutes a day but can be enough to help you get
started being more active.
> Walk outside while you catch up with your friend on the phone, rather than
staying sat on the sofa.
Overall, the aim of being more active is to lead to more sports and more
movement. With small activities introduced to your daily routine, this will slowly
become a more natural choice and something that you want to do.
Coming up in the Exercise section of this eBook, we have a guided plan to help
you achieve your transformation. That’s great to get you in to a good scheduled
routine. But consider your day-to-day activity levels too, and remember that
everything has to be done gradually to achieve the best results.
1 2 W E E K T O TA L T R A N S F O R M AT I O N
Free Preview - LIFESTYLE
In the full eBook, pages 21 - 26 cover things you can consider to
incorporate in to your new, healthier lifestyle.
1 2 W E E K T O TA L T R A N S F O R M AT I O N
We can’t stress this enough – your nutrition is really, really important. In this
section we’re going to look at what you need to eat, how much you need to eat
and how to implement an effective meal structure that will help you achieve
maximum results.
As mentioned in the introduction, we’re going to be giving you some background
information, followed by some very practical guidelines that you can follow.
We’re not giving you a strict pre-planned meal structure. The reason for this
is because everyone has different daily schedules, dietary requirements and
objectives. Whatever your day-to-day schedule looks like, we’re very confident
that if you apply our guidelines, you’ll quickly be able to see a highly effective
nutrition plan come together that works perfectly for you.
To get started, let’s take a second to categorise our food so that it’s easy
to plan meals in the future.
1 2 W E E K T O TA L T R A N S F O R M AT I O N
Free Preview - NUTRITION
In the full eBook, pages 27 - 38 provide an in-depth look at some
fundamentals of nutrition, with sections to help you fully understand
calories, macros and protein.
1 2 W E E K T O TA L T R A N S F O R M AT I O N
Eating plan
Fresh with the knowledge of how much you need to eat and how to track it,
let’s take a look at what you can do to structure your food over the coming
weeks for maximum results.
It goes without saying that every day, and almost every meal, should be high
in protein and low in fat. Which leaves us with the option to manipulate the
amount of carbs we consume.
We need to achieve two things with our cab intake:
1. Consume enough carbs to give us the energy for our intensive workouts
2. Consume fewer carbs to reduce our calories and help with weight loss
As you can see, these two things have the potential to contradict each other!
So we need to be smart about how and when we consume carbs.
To achieve an optimal balance, we will divide our days into several types
according to the amount of carbs we consume that day. We’ll be having low
carb days, medium carb days and high carb days.
For each day, we’ve suggested three meals and a snack. This is because it fits
with most people’s idea of breakfast, lunch, and an evening meal. Just make
sure your calories are roughly the same in each meal.
Some people prefer to eat more often, perhaps up to five meals per day. If
that’s you – that’s totally fine. Use the same principles outlined below but split
up your meals into smaller portions, distribute them evenly throughout the
day and try to ensure each one is roughly the same number of calories. We
want you to find something that works for you, so with the same principles, a
more regular eating pattern is easy to adapt if it suits you better.
1 2 W E E K T O TA L T R A N S F O R M AT I O N
Free Preview - NUTRITION - Eating Plan
In the full eBook, pages 39 - 47 guide you through how to put together
an eating plan for maximum results and suggestions for what a full day of
meals may look like for each of the carb levels.
1 2 W E E K T O TA L T R A N S F O R M AT I O N
We’ve deliberately put the exercise section last in this eBook because we wanted
to stress how important your mindset, lifestyle and nutrition are first.
If you’ve jumped straight to this section before reading through everything else
and making the first steps there, please re-think your strategy and go back to
read the earlier sections.
You should see exercise as the final piece of the jigsaw. If you’re doing everything
else we’ve talked about so far in the first three sections, you’re already on your
way to an impressive transformation. Now, adding in a solid exercise routine is
going to complete the picture.
1 2 W E E K T O TA L T R A N S F O R M AT I O N
Benefits of weight training
Whatever your transformation goals, training with weights will help you achieve
your goals. And that includes training using your own bodyweight as resistance.
From a simple push up at home, to squats and deadlifts with weights in the
gym, any form of resistance training will strengthen your muscles and increase
their efficiency And if you work the muscle close to failure, it will build back
stronger next time (provided you give it the protein it needs to rebuild).
In terms of your transformation, think about these key benefits from training
with weights or resistance:
> Calories are burned within the muscle. So the more muscle you have,
the more calories you can burn. Even if your primary goal is fat loss, you can
do it quicker by working your muscles and making them more efficient.
> You can use weights to build specific body parts if you have specific
goals like broad shoulders or bigger chest. But if your goal is simply to have
a firmer body, you should still use weights to make your muscles more
> Weights are also key to making your body more functional. Almost
any exercise you do will work your core because it stabilises your whole
body as you move the wight. Plus, you can do specific exercises targeting
your core to help your overall posture and athletic efficiency.
> Training with weights also boosts your circulation, heart, and lung
capacity. There are other ways of achieving this, such as with cardio
sessions, like on the treadmill and jogging, which we’ll cover later in this
plan. But using weights, especially getting close to failure, will boost blood
flow and leave you out of breath, making your whole system more efficient.
1 2 W E E K T O TA L T R A N S F O R M AT I O N
At home or in the gym?
We appreciate that everybody’s confidence level in the gym or schedule to
train is different. That’s why we’ve provided two exercise plans, depending on if
you’re training at home or in the gym.
What’s more, they’re totally interchangeable. So, if you’re unable to get to get
to the gym for a few days, there’s no need to panic. Just switch to the at-home
schedule and you won’t miss a thing.
One common question people ask is if the results from the home workouts will
be the same as the gym workouts. The answer to that question is both yes and
Yes, the results will be the same because what you’re trying to achieve is a Total
Transformation and both the home and gym routines, when combined with
your improved mindset, lifestyle and nutrition, will absolutely deliver that.
And no, because the results will be slightly different due to the extra resistance
provided by the weights in the gym. At home, you’re going to strengthen and
tone your muscles. At the gym, you’re going to strengthen, tone and build
muscle too. Don’t get us wrong – this isn’t a muscle building plan – you need to
check out Fit Media’s other eBooks if that’s your goal – but resistance training in
the gym will put your muscles under increased workload.
Your decision on which training route to take should be based on two factors:
> Where you feel most comfortable training
> How much time you have to train
1 2 W E E K T O TA L T R A N S F O R M AT I O N
If you feel a little uneasy about training in the gym, you’re likely to miss sessions.
Whereas if you’re environment at home isn’t suitable for exercising, you’re likely
to get distracted. And if time is a factor, the routines all take around one hour to
complete, but training at home eliminates the journey to the gym.
Keep these factors in mind, but our suggestion is to go with your gut feeling
on what feels most likely to fit in with your transformation. And remember that
both plans are totally interchangeable. You can even do the home workouts in
the gym too – just find a space to put a mat and you’re set!
1 2 W E E K T O TA L T R A N S F O R M AT I O N
Free Preview - EXERCISE
In the full eBook, pages 48 - 76 cover everything you need to get results
either at home or at the gym.
There’s a full sets and reps guide for all of the gym workouts, structures
for your home workouts and a cardio schedule that can be tailored to suit
your needs.
1 2 W E E K T O TA L T R A N S F O R M AT I O N
Thank you again for downloading this FREE PREVIEW of Fit Media’s 12
Week Total Transformation eBook.
We hope you got a good sense of what’s included in the full eBook.
When you’re ready to get started on your own transformation, order
the full eBook from www.fitmediaplus.com
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