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MCR case

Manuel Hernández González
Dr. Matthew T. Mullarkey
ISM 6021
Pre Case Analysis
(Note: this pre-case must not exceed one page)
ISSUE – what is THE key Issue based upon your analysis of the Case?
In my opinion, the main issue in the case is the decision of Bailey whether writing for the first time a
discussion case for MCR or doing a regular research article like the ones she is used to do.
To be able to make a more informed decision, the case, in addition of explaining the origins of the case
method and how it should be written, it shows us the possible pros and cons that this method can have and
how it can fit with the university philosophy.
RECOMMENDATION – Given this Issue, what do you recommend the protagonist do?
Based in all the information that the case gives us; I would do a discussion case.
JUSIFICATION – Support your recommendation with Facts from the case and any additional
research you do on the business issues, company(s) and technologies discussed in the case?
(use bullet points and short phrases freely in your answers)
My recommendation of doing a discussion case is based on:
After the meeting with the department chair, Bailey received a good feedback about this method,
which means that the department will support her.
The discussion case can fit really good with the university philosophy, because it would help to
approach their idea of bringing the researches to the classes and also to keep good relations with
the local community
Apoyaría al MCR y su caso podría ser utilizado en diferentes escuelas incluso a nivel
Writing a case would support and help MCR to expand its repertoire and her case could be used
in different schools even internationally.
Also, it would help Bailey to gain experience in a new variant of publishing which would help her
strengthen her spectrum of skills.