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Maleficent by Robert Stromberg: Movie Review
Maleficent, a 2014 American fantasy movie directed by Robert Stromberg, is about the untold
story of Disney's most notorious villain from the classic Sleeping Beauty. Starring Angelina Jolie
as the protagonist, the movie explores the elements that turn Maleficent from a kind-hearted
fairy to a horrendous antagonist.
The story begins when Maleficent is not yet a vicious devil but a powerful young fairy loved by
every creature in the magical and mysterious Moors. As time flies, she becomes the protector of
her wonderland as well as falls in love with an ambitious boy from human's world named Stefan.
However, bright days seems to never last for long, and here comes a twist as the betrayal of her
beloved one turns the deeply hurt Maleficent to a terrifying dark fairy. Driven by revenge,
subsequently, she places an irrevocable curse on King Stefan's newborn princess Aurora. As
the child grows, the dark fairy cannot deny her motherly love for her, thus realizing that drastic
actions must be taken not only to break her evil curse but also permanently change both worlds.
Technical and Visual Effects
Besides having several creative and impressive details in the plot, the movie has achieved
notable success in technical as well as visual effects. There is a great wealth of spectacular
scenes of the charming Moors, the stunning flying ones of the protagonist along with the vicious
fight at the end of the film. Likewise, a variety of distinctive costumes is properly used to partly
depict the personalities of different characters. The wonderful soundtrack with haunting rhythms,
furthermore, plays an essential part in making the film smooth and eye-catching as well.
It would be a mistake not to mention the brilliant acting of the actress Angelina Jolie, whose
performance successfully and lively portrays two opposing sides of the iconic villain Maleficent.
Sharlto Copley as King Stefan acts superbly whilst Elle Fanning as Aurora does a quite dull
acting. Nevertheless, the cast still effectively transfers the core message: love is the most
beautiful and powerful thing in the world that can turn a villain to a hero.
By and large, despite still having some flaws, Maleficent itself provides new perspectives on
things and a wide range of fascinating scenes, all of which make it well worth seeing. I would
have no hesitation in recommending this movie to those who enjoy both highly entertaining films
and to some extend thought provoking.
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