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Week 7 Journal

Food Journal (MyFitnessPal)
Ever since the beginning of the quarantine I have been on a caloric deficit due to a
religious fast period coming up next month in late April. I wasn’t surprised that my daily caloric
intake was so low. I haven’t been on a caloric deficit in over a year but as long as I have met my
macronutrients, I haven’t and shouldn’t feel any potential negative effects.
In the past I have eaten at surplus or maintenance calories due to my goal of building a bit
more leaner muscle mass; I have a lot of experience with proper nutrition as a strength athlete.
But unfortunately, due to COVID-19, I am not able to burn as much calories as a I normally do
at the gym. The only feedback I do need to cut back on the sweets as I have a subdued sweet
tooth that has a mind of its own. Three Krispy Kreme Glazed Donuts in one sitting is way too
much for anyone regardless of their age, body composition, or nutrition. Sometimes I can’t help
Maybe in the future, after the quarantine I will attempt a caloric surplus for a lean bulk
build again, but overall my nutrition is only meant to support my strength and performance rather
than my physical appearance. Slow and steady wins the race.