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JHU offer

November 5, 2021
Dear Xunyun:
Earlier this year you were approved for a deferral of your admission to the MS in Finance program from Fall
2021 to Fall 2022. This letter confirms you have been admitted for the Fall 2022 term and details what you
need to do to secure your place.
Your admission is contingent upon the satisfactory completion of any outstanding requirements. You can find
those required materials by logging into your SIS account to see what requirements you have been assigned. (If
you have submitted all requirements, please allow us time to process the documents into your record). In
January 2022 we will e-mail you a link to a form to complete to confirm your intent to enroll forFall 2022 Pleas
e pay attention to e-mail from us and be sure to complete this form after you receive it.
At Johns Hopkins, you are embarking on an educational experience that will enhance your knowledge and
professional development. You will study and work with faculty and students who will challenge, inspire, and
encourage you to achieve your goals.
We look forward to welcoming you into our community at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School.
D. Jill Green
Associate Dean, Admissions and Student Experience
Office of Admissions
100 International Dr. Baltimore, MD 21202 Phone 410-234-9220 carey.admissions@jhu.edu