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Cueto ABM12A

Name: Cueto, Erika Moira, D.
Grade & Section: ABM 12-A
Individual Enrichment
1. What do you think are the factors that drive Filipinos to become entrepreneurial?
I can think of 3 factors that inspire many Filipinos to enter entrepreneurship; for independence,
need for money, & to make an impact. For individuals such as myself who aim to become
independent someday, owning a business is a great approach to do so. Through
entrepreneurship, one can realize just how infinite the mind can imagine and create. It helps a
person realize her/his potential to face any challenges and put up a firm confidence in oneself.
Aside from that, the constant need for money is the reason why people enter entrepreneurship,
most of the time. This is also why a huge number of elite business owners climbed the ladder
from being underprivileged. They took countless risks and rejections just so they could eat three
meals a day and hoped that someday, their small businesses would generate profits enough to
elevate their lifestyle. And lastly, few individuals enter the industry with the aspiration to make a
difference. For instance, Canva's founder, Melanie Perkins created the world's famous graphic
design tool that we know today to enable anyone, literally anyone, to design, and make it
accessible worldwide.
2. Name three entrepreneurial trends that you observe in your environment. Why do you think
these entrepreneurs venture into these businesses?
Coffee shops, Aesthetic clothings, and Personal Protective Equipments (PPEs) are some
of the entrepreneurial trends that can be observed nowadays. I believe that the reason as to why
most entrepreneurs venture into these businesses is because they try to keep up with the
consumer's demands, needs, and wants. In other words, for businesses to flourish, decisions
about product launching and service offerings should be based on the current behaviors and
interests of your consumer base. In that way, the business would then generate profits and not
suffer from any losses.